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ah, got it

Not sure if I'm doing this wrong, but it kinda seems like the military doesn't do much against the raids.

I still love this menu.

As per the title, you can't actually do anything when in full screen.

i love the menu. I've been playing this game for 16 days and I haven't left the home menu.

Larry >>>>> all the other stuff i should be doing(i actually am working on them, mass sharing coming soon to an @insanetaco2000 near you)

larry the axe was actually named after larry the ghost, which haunts LilyMakesThing's discord thread. There is a larry ghost in penguinmod, but unfortunately not turbowarp.

sleep is very important


The fact that you posted this 3 times really emphasises your confusion. I wasn't really able to finish the game so you basically just use wasd to move and space to attack.


You  can, using the turbowarp packager! With this revolutionary device, you can take scratch projects and convert them into a variety of file types including
*infomercial music*



Electron Windows Application

WKWebView macOS application

and many more!

Now just 999.99!

definitely a good life

thanks, but it was actually made in turbowarp with some extensions you can't get in scratch

not that impressive honestly, I didn't really get to make it into what I wanted and some of the other games made in turbowarp were far better



this is infinitely better:

it was named based off of a discord vc at 11 pm

i did thankfully, at the expense of literally any gameplay at all

seriously i think i just procrastinated too much

I'm leaving on a trip in 2 days and I won't have internet for a few weeks so I won't be able to congratulate the winner, so good job in advance!

chez go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Hey, don't worry! If you finished, or even if you didn't, I can manually add the project!

Don't worry, it's not about what you place but having fun!

certified chunky boi

Rating has begun! If you finished your game during the time period but where unable to submit it in time, please comment here. You will have 4 hours and then this thread will be locked(if I know how to do that). Good luck everyone!

Nevermind, I found them. They've all been disqualified and reported.

This is not unique, it's the most generic crap I've ever seen.

These are the most generic looking games I've ever seen.

Why are you blatantly submitting games for this jam that break most of the rules?

Which projects are those?

mah precious seals, nooooo

Yeah, I disqualified them.,

You do realise that you broke pretty much every rule?

yeah whoever made this is a genius

Here's a video on how to submit a game to a jam:

How did you subscribe to my youtube? what?

I can edit it, but I'm going to wait for the voting to finish and then I'll make it on the top games.

No, I wasn't planning on it. Besides, I only have 3 subscribers.