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Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiint! ^^ It's so good to see that you're still doing your thing and taking time for yourself, in whatever way that is!  Congratulations on graduating from uni!  I'm super proud of you for everything you've accomplished!

I'll definitely have to check out the latest projects you've been a part of!  Keep being you and doing your thing! Take care!

Hi, just look for 103 instead of 102.  It's the same steps.

Oh I didn't make that song! You'll find the credits for each song in the music room in "Extras"!

Hi!  You have to be patient.  Wait like.... 5+ minutes in the dark, windy void.  And Chara will talk to you again and ask you a few questions.

Oh shoot, I'm sorry!  :(  I'm not familiar with a Mac workaround. I just know on Windows we have a button to bypass. I did release it on GameJolt as well, if you wanna try downloading it from there!  Hopefully that works!

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This is already finished. It was just a short, April Fools Day VN for testing purposes.

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This is already finished. It was just a short, April Fools Day VN for testing purposes.

I updated part of my code, though I'm not sure if it will resolve it. Do you have an email so I can send you this updated version to test?

I'll keep doing research on my end, too. Sorry that you're having to jump through hoops.

Hi, I tried looking over my code, but I can't find anything  wrong. This doesn't seem to be an issue on PC, so perhaps there's a fix for the Joiplay app specifically? easein_circ is one of the transition easing functions built into the Ren'Py engine.

I can try my best to help, but I can't promise anything, as this VN is not supported on Android at all. Also, I don't have an android so I can't replicate the issue. I'm sorry  :(

What are you doing when you get this error?   Are you trying to launch the game?  Or has the game already launched and this is happening during a certain part of the game?

Ahhhhh lately I haven't had time to write longer replies, but I wanted to make sure to reply to your comment!  I'm always happy to see your comment on my games and I'm so happy you played my original VN!  Thank you so much for playing!! And thank you so much for your support in all my work!!  I don't think I can tell you how thankful I am that you've stuck around this long, even when I've shifted to non-Undertale projects!

I'm happy that you like the UI!  It was very minimal in order to keep that chill atmosphere and to keep the focus on the characters.  And I'm glad you found the strangers charming and that you enjoyed the scenarios you encountered!

And thank you so much for that recommendation to other players!  Ending the day with Emma is an awesome idea to experience that chill, calm atmosphere!

All of the movements were done using Ren'Py ATL. When a choice is made, the animations play like a movie.  The player does not actually have control of where the sprites move. It's basically a pre-programmed animation that plays depending on what was selected.

If you're looking for movement like arrow key movement, I don't have a whole lot of experience with that in Ren'Py. And it would be a little move involved. Ren'Py is, first and foremost, a visual novel engine. So anything extra like that has to be coded from scratch.

Yes, you have to RESET.

I'm assuming this is your first playthrough. If you didn't save, there would be no file to load.  You have to RESET.

Unfotunately, porting to phone is not possible for me. To develop for iOS, I need a Mac computer. But I don't use a Mac. Also, I would need to join the Apple Developer Program, which costs money every year to maintain. I wouldn't be able to put it on Android either, because I don't have an Android phone to test it. In addition, I wouldn't be allowed to put a fangame on the AppStore or on Android in the first place.

Because of this, it has to stay a PC only game.  I'm sorry. ☹️

No. The story is complete.

Thank you for playing! The player does not have an exact age. However, Toriel hinted at the beginning that the player is "much older than a human child" and "probably too old to listen to bedtime stories". This means that the player, at the very least, is a young adult.

Hi! You shouldn't need to use WinZip to unzip it if you're on a Windows computer. You should just be able to right-click the folder and select "Extract All".

I really wish I could create a port for Chrome OS.  Unfortunately, I don't have a way to do it for Ren'Py games.  :(   Not sure if Ren'Py will release Chrome OS support in the future. If it does, I'll look into porting it!

I do hope you get a chance to play it soon! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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I've uploaded the new version of the game! (v1.0.3).  You'll need to redownload it.  Unfortunately, you will have to play the whole game again. But the bug should be fixed!

Make sure to delete the old game and unzip the new game!

Thank you for giving a screenshot!  This helps me with troubleshooting.  I think I need to double check my code and release a new version of the game.  This might take me two days to fix.  I'll reply back when a new version of the game is available with the fix.

Hi there!  Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!  These are all the instructions I have for Mac, but I don't have screenshots to go with it I'm sorry! I hope maybe this might help!

Thank you so much for playing!  "SNAP OUT OF IT" is actually a little detail I put it when Baggs' hypnosis monologue happens. When you try to access the menu, the option that says "RETURN TO MAIN MENU" has been replaced with "SNAP OUT OF IT".  And when you click it, it just quits the game.

In addition, your "REMEMBER" (save) and "RECALL" (load) are disabled.  They become "CAN'T REMEMBER" and "CAN'T RECALL".

That's really all there is to it.

Also, there's nothing special in the credits.  All I meant was you need to reopen the game after it crashes the first time.  If you didn't, you'd miss the second part where you're in LAB.

Thank you so much for playing!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!  And yes you can make a video for it!  :)  All I ask is to make sure you have the content warnings somewhere (either in the video or the description)!  Thank you for asking!

The moment I first heard it, I had to make something for it LOL  I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing!

MINT I finally got a chance to play this ahhhhhhhhhh!!  It was such a fun little VN with a cute spooky feel to it!  I love all of the characters!  I'm embarrassed to say it took me a minute to realize that it was Fritz from your other VN!  I was sitting there like "wait a second I think I've met you before...."  But the story was really cute with a nice message and I really did enjoy their interactions!

Oh and I LOVE LOVE your UI!  The aesthetic and the transforms of the screens and the particle effects.  It was so nicely done!!  I took the time just to open and close the pocket system as well as hover over things. Then I was like "oh wait right continuing on" XD  Your use of transforms and screens and such.... it's all so amazing!

!!! SPOILERS? !!!

I really felt bad for Fritz.  I like how you reveal his truth.  And I like all the little hints up to that point that show something is amiss.  And I love the reveal of Kyandi's reason for why she steals.

Also, I am embarrassed to admit that when Apple's silhouette slid in upside down while Kyandi was on her own... I made the weirdest "I'm spooked" noise LOL  But then we met Apple (who was really a sweetie) and all was good.  ^^;  

Thank you so much!! I do appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment!  I'm really glad you were able to follow your own pace with Dating Start!. That was always my intent, to give everyone the opportunity to have their own experience while playing. Whether it be to dive into smooching right away or take it slow, I wanted players to have that choice.

And I'm glad you felt it was an extension of Undertale! I really wanted to keep it as close to the Undertale spirit as possible!  Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much for playing!!  I'm glad you enjoyed your journey through this world's timeline.

To answer your question, unfortunately there isn't a way to break the barrier.  The only person that can leave the Underground... is you, the player, when you close the game.

Thank you! And, unfortunately, he doesn't fall in love with the player, he just has fun teasing them.


Thank you so much for playing my first VN! Stardust will always have a special place in my heart. It was through this NaNoRenO that I learned the basics for Ren'Py and managing a project from start to finish.

And then I took all I learned and ran to make a Sans Undertale VN LOL XD 

Hi, did you download the game for Windows (PC), Mac, or Linux? For Mac, you should be able to just double click and play.  For Windows, you'll need to unzip the folder first.  

Please note that this game will not work on mobile or Chromebook.

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hi there!!  It's always nice to see you here!  I'm always excited to hear about everyone's playthroughs!

!!! SPOILERS (just in case) !!!

Ohohohoho  no no you're not a weenie! But yes, I kinda banked on majority of people playing through True Love before No Love.  So I wanted to have Sans only say your name from the True Love playthrough. As a little... reminder so-to-speak  =)  Or course, if someone went straight to No Love, then it'd just be whatever name was picked then.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and thank you for giving my VN a chance!  It makes me so happy to know that others enjoyed it so much.  And I'm glad you thought it hit the nail on the head!  I really did my best to keep it close to the Undertale spirit, but inject my own style into it.

And thank you so much for playing some of my other games! To answer your question, I'm not really sure if I plan to make more Undertale fangames.  Of course, I'll never say never!  But for right now, I'm definitely enjoying my dev break while I prepare to branch out and explore some other game dev things!

As for the butterscotch cinnamon pie... well... it only has one use. And that's for a certain part of the LOVE/No Love/Geno route.  =)

It means so much that you made an account just to comment! I'm really happy to hear that the emotions reached you.  :)  I know you understand this as a writer, but I wanted to pour out all my emotions onto the page (so to speak). And if anyone could feel even a drop of what I had felt while writing it, that's more than enough for me.

I wrote and programmed this visual novel so that people could pick the level of affection they were most comfortable with. So if people were ready to kiss him right from the start, they had the option. But people that wanted to wait until the end to kiss him had the option, too. And then, of course, you didn't have to kiss him at all and just share that bond and emotions with him platonically. I wanted to have both a romantic SOULmates and a platonic SOULmates ending. So, in that way, everyone's experience would be their own.  And I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed your playthrough so much.  :)

Thank you for giving my VN a chance and for taking the time to leave a comment.  :)

Stay determined,

Cho (DerpyChoCho)

LOL what a great way to celebrate!  Thank you so much for playing!  I hope you enjoyed the VN!  ^^

Thank you for playing!  Dave did a fantastic job with voice acting.  To answer  your question, there's only one ending.

No, this is for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers only.

I'm glad that even after all that time, you still remember it and consider it one of your faves. :)  And I'm happy it makes you happy! Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to leave a comment.