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Thank you so much!! I do appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment!  I'm really glad you were able to follow your own pace with Dating Start!. That was always my intent, to give everyone the opportunity to have their own experience while playing. Whether it be to dive into smooching right away or take it slow, I wanted players to have that choice.

And I'm glad you felt it was an extension of Undertale! I really wanted to keep it as close to the Undertale spirit as possible!  Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much for playing!!  I'm glad you enjoyed your journey through this world's timeline.

To answer your question, unfortunately there isn't a way to break the barrier.  The only person that can leave the Underground... is you, the player, when you close the game.

Thank you! And, unfortunately, he doesn't fall in love with the player, he just has fun teasing them.


Thank you so much for playing my first VN! Stardust will always have a special place in my heart. It was through this NaNoRenO that I learned the basics for Ren'Py and managing a project from start to finish.

And then I took all I learned and ran to make a Sans Undertale VN LOL XD 

Hi, did you download the game for Windows (PC), Mac, or Linux? For Mac, you should be able to just double click and play.  For Windows, you'll need to unzip the folder first.  

Please note that this game will not work on mobile or Chromebook.

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hi there!!  It's always nice to see you here!  I'm always excited to hear about everyone's playthroughs!

!!! SPOILERS (just in case) !!!

Ohohohoho  no no you're not a weenie! But yes, I kinda banked on majority of people playing through True Love before No Love.  So I wanted to have Sans only say your name from the True Love playthrough. As a little... reminder so-to-speak  =)  Or course, if someone went straight to No Love, then it'd just be whatever name was picked then.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and thank you for giving my VN a chance!  It makes me so happy to know that others enjoyed it so much.  And I'm glad you thought it hit the nail on the head!  I really did my best to keep it close to the Undertale spirit, but inject my own style into it.

And thank you so much for playing some of my other games! To answer your question, I'm not really sure if I plan to make more Undertale fangames.  Of course, I'll never say never!  But for right now, I'm definitely enjoying my dev break while I prepare to branch out and explore some other game dev things!

As for the butterscotch cinnamon pie... well... it only has one use. And that's for a certain part of the LOVE/No Love/Geno route.  =)

It means so much that you made an account just to comment! I'm really happy to hear that the emotions reached you.  :)  I know you understand this as a writer, but I wanted to pour out all my emotions onto the page (so to speak). And if anyone could feel even a drop of what I had felt while writing it, that's more than enough for me.

I wrote and programmed this visual novel so that people could pick the level of affection they were most comfortable with. So if people were ready to kiss him right from the start, they had the option. But people that wanted to wait until the end to kiss him had the option, too. And then, of course, you didn't have to kiss him at all and just share that bond and emotions with him platonically. I wanted to have both a romantic SOULmates and a platonic SOULmates ending. So, in that way, everyone's experience would be their own.  And I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed your playthrough so much.  :)

Thank you for giving my VN a chance and for taking the time to leave a comment.  :)

Stay determined,

Cho (DerpyChoCho)

LOL what a great way to celebrate!  Thank you so much for playing!  I hope you enjoyed the VN!  ^^

Thank you for playing!  Dave did a fantastic job with voice acting.  To answer  your question, there's only one ending.

No, this is for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers only.

I'm glad that even after all that time, you still remember it and consider it one of your faves. :)  And I'm happy it makes you happy! Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to leave a comment.

Thank you for clarifying!  I believe the visual novel is actually incompatible on the app.  Can you try downloading it via the actual website and launching the file that way?

I'll try to troubleshoot, though I don't have a Mac. May I have a screenshot of the error you're getting?  Are you downloading this on the app or via the website itself?

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I'm glad! I hope you enjoy the VN! Thank you for playing!

This looks like it's via the app, correct?  Can you try downloading the VN via the website instead and launching that file?  I'm not sure if the VN is compatible on the app.

Hi! I'm sorry to hear that. I don't have a Linux PC, but I'll try my best to troubleshoot!  What exactly is the error you're getting?  Do you have a screenshot of it?

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Oh no no, the "Provoke" button is the ACT menu!  It's right next to the dithered out "Kiss" option and under the "Talk" option.  :)  Press it a few times and you'll see.

I finished the VN!  I was able to see all the endings!  I really like the message and you should be proud you were able to tell it with the stringent conditions!

I no longer have to worry about school, thank goodness. But I can relate to that feeling of wanting to pass more than wanting to learn. I felt that in university, especially. Your portrayal of that feeling was nicely done. I love the ambience of the clock ticking. I thought that was a perfect choice. It brought back the dreaded test mode feeling as I played.

Also, your UI design was very nice!  I liked the thought bubbles as choices. It added to the immersion, I feel!

Wonderful job on O2A2 and congratulations again for completing it! I hope you continue to create and tell your stories!

I'm playing this on  my iPad on a browser because I don't wanna wait how many months until I get a new PC.


!!! SPOILERS !!!

"It's a beautiful day outside."

Me: Heh, that's familiar.

"Birds are singing, flowers are blooming."


"On days like these, kids like you..."


I shall continue my comment once I finish the VN!  :D

LOL After you ask for the rough kiss, you have to provoke him repeatedly until he does it  >:)

Hope that helps!!

Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to comment!  I'm glad you gave it a chance!  And I'm happy that you enjoyed it and that the emotions reached you!  ^^

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Thank YOU so much for playing!  :D  I'm always very happy to hear when those who aren't really fans of shipping/fangirls enjoyed the game.  It really means a lot that you decided to try it!  At the end of the day, I hoped to tell a story that could reach all fans of Undertale, should they choose to play it.

!! SPOILERS, just in case!

The fourth photo is actually from the Sans fight during the No Love (True LOVE) route. It's basically from the bad ending if you keep the knife and decide to use it...  =)

Thank you for playing and for taking the time to make an account to leave a comment! It really means so much that you enjoyed my little love letter to this series and this character.  

I'm glad the game made you happy and that you enjoyed it!  It always means so much to know what other people think.  Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much for playing!  I'm glad you thought of it as a fairytale ending!  That's exactly the kind of feeling I was going for here, in an Undertale sort of way.  :)

Thank you so much for playing and for your words! I have to say though, I only did the character art for Dating Start!  I'm glad you loved the CG of the Sans looking up at the stars with the stars in his eyes. That's still my favorite CG I've drawn. ✨💖

The character art for Hold the Awkward! (Papyrus, Alphys, Undyne, and Sans) were not drawn by me.  They were drawn by my friend Mmishee! I brought her onboard for the month challenge and she did amazingly!

And do I plan to make more Undertale romance visual novels? I'm actually not sure!  ^^;  I'm on a dev break right now. We'll see what the future holds.  :)

Sorry for the late reply! I'm not sure I understand what you mean by Papyrus' message. Can you send a screenshot of what you're trying to click?

I'm glad you love it!! Thank you so so much for playing!

LOL I suppose the day it was released gives it away, too

Thank you for playing!

LOL the April was the Fools we made along the way (it's me, I'm Fools hahaha)

Thanks for playing!!

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Let me ask a few questions to better troubleshoot.

1.) Are you using Windows, Mac, or Linux?

2.)  Were you able to download the game onto your computer?

3.) If using Windows, after downloading did you unzip the folder before trying to run the game?

Please note: This can only be played via download. This is not playable on the website or mobile phones.

The "Recall" button will start the visual novel.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for showcasing the VN!

This is already the full version! This was just a small visual novel to experiment with some features in Ren'Py.

LOL Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!  I have to admit, I did love Papyrus before making this, though I didn't simp for him. But after developing this VN WHOOPS I started simping for Papyrus, too XD

I'm so glad you like my VNs!  It's always wonderful to know that others enjoy what I'm creating!  Hoping to make more in the future!

I'm glad you enjoyed it and that the emotions reached you! Thank you so so much for playing! ^^  Hoping to make more VNs in the future!

"Romance in its purest form" oh gosh I'm speechless, thank you so so much! ;n;

That's wonderful to hear that you're interested in visual novels!  I use the Ren'Py engine to make my VNs. It's free and has a functioning UI right out of the box. There's even a built-in tutorial that's great for basics.

In regards to learning development, that's all self-taught.  I learned from just diving in and experimenting.  I started by making something small and silly just for me. It was five minutes long and I didn't release it.  But I learned the basics of Ren'Py by making it. Then I challenged myself in NaNoReno 2019 and learned even more.  I always learn with each VN I make.  And I always keep the Ren'Py documentation and Google close by.  :)

Wishing you all the best on your dev journey! 💜

I'm glad you were able to find the instructions! And thank you so much for playing my VNs!  I'm really glad you enjoyed them!! ^^