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Yeah, but... that doesn't actually work? You don't actually face any in game reward for beating the boss faster, it only gives you a somewhat normal musical choice. I know what you're going for, but it simply isn't going to work. It punishes the player for not beating the boss in an exact amount of time, not in game, but by making the experience directly less enjoyable.

Really cool! My only issue is how you chose to include the music. I feel like it would have been better to loop it normally than just having the music cut abruptly.

Ah, okay! I can get that haha.

And I do a bit of writing myself, and too often my own characters end up a bit ADHD lol. So I totally get what you're saying.

Curiosity question: Is Maria ADHD? I'm ADHD myself and Maria has almost every symptom.

Really fun game! I thought of a fan card too.

The Sly Fox

1 sacrifice required to play. 0 damage, 4 HP. And it cannot take more than 1 damage from a single attack.

Ooh, I like this. Feels like you wrote a creepypasta into a game format. It's cool, good job!

Just wanna say you're awesome dev. Looking through the comments, I can see you make a big deal out of replying to comments. You've created a great game, and you keep working to make it better. If I wasn't, er, broke right now, I'd certainly donate to keep your work going. As it stands? You'll just have to wait until the inspiration you've given me pays off :)

I'm having the same issue. It keeps opening that up and then, if I press ignore, it opens the game but in quite possibly the smallest window I've ever seen. No maximize button either :(

Okay thanks! And sorry for troubling you with this question, I've had virus issues before so I'm pretty paranoid about this stuff. But this looks legit enough now with these extra links that I'll download it.

Good luck to you in the future!

Please don't be offended, but this is the first game I've seen that leads me to Google Drive when I try to download it, and it is a file too large for Google Drive to virus scan. I don't want to accidentally download a virus, so if this could be either downloadable on or a site like I'd be happy to give it a go. As it stands... I'm not taking any chances xD

Please tell me if you do put it on I really do want to give this a try, it looks great!

First off, my computer assured me I was downloading a virus, but let me say it now: this is not a virus. It's great and worth downloading, so don't be afraid to give it a shot.

Second, this game's pretty good. I'm a sucker for boss fights,  particularly against really big and overwhelming enemies, so if you're the kind of guy that likes to take on massive bosses in games and doesn't like all those little enemies, you'll like this game.

Third, the style and music is great. The little touches that make it look like a damaged tape are great too.

Of course, no game is free from problems. My biggest problem is the fact that you can't scroll through levels. I say you should have two modes, a score attack mode, which is basically what we have now, and a practice mode, where you can skip to any boss you've seen before and tackle it without points or anything like that. But as it stands, it's pretty annoying to have to restart every single time.

The guns have a small problem in my book with how they work, particularly the scatter gun. Sometimes, especially at the beginning when you're still learning, you pick up a gun you really don't need or want at the moment. You should be able to switch between them, maybe with the Q and E keys?

I think you could work on your player communication though. It didn't take me long to figure out what to do with the second boss... but only because I accidentally kept shooting the floor xD Maybe on a game over you can have the scientists reviewing the tapes and they give tips to the player for next time?

If you wanted to keep expanding on this game, LAN based multiplayer and different difficulty levels would be amazing, as well as hunting down and murdering the terrain glitches with the third boss. I found a bunch xD

Oh well. Better go beat that final boss, eh? Good luck with future gaming ventures!

Ah okay I think I got it.

It gave that error when I tried opening my server and it said that the server wasn't running by default. So I pressed the start button next to and it said the server was running, and woo! It's working now.

I'll reply to this again if I encounter another error, but thanks for the help! You got my attention towards the solution, so that's great :D

WOW this game. It screws with my head so much with the time stuff! Haven't seen a game that screws with resets like this since Undertale (though I'm pretty sure this came first).

Good job with this classic!

Take note of the fact that I literally just downloaded this tool. This is pretty much the first screen I've seen, and it shows up every time I double click one of my servers or open a new one.

So... halp?

Okay, that's a really good general rule to have. (takes notes)

Ah okay. It does show a bit, but in a good way :D

Best of luck with this project! It looks like it'll be great, can't wait for it's completion!

A lot of the music and the plot kinda reminds me of a Gravity Falls (but more gay). Did you take inspiration from that show?

Good god this is social anxiety the game xD

Seems like a cool game, but honestly couldn't play it long because it seriously gave me a panic attack lol Maybe if the thoughts moved slightly slower? But that's just my silly opinion.