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i really enjoyed this game the audio the art style i really like it was really fun to just sit back and play but i really liked the story and meaning i didn't notice till later in the game that's what it was about but i hope it shows some people what is actually happening thanks for making a great game cant wait to see what you do with the full game

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I really enjoyed this game i enjoyed the humour I got some laughs and the puzzles where well thought out and i liked how the cut scenes give some hint's and how you can use h to see some items i also like the art style its really unique the only bad thing i can think of is that you could maybe have the characters talk a bit slower i found it hard to keep up with the conversation

I really liked the spacing between when things start getting weirder and i also liked the story line and how he replies to everything that is interactable.

And thank you for making a great game

I really enjoyed this game in level 3 with the lights going out made me uneasy because i felt like something was going to come at me at any second  so it had a really good atmosphere and i also like the little tweaks you did with the music at some points the game was good to just sit down and play for a bit

i really enjoyed this game with some of the humour it had and i never knew what was coming next i liked the puzzle added in and some of the jumpscares where really well done the voice acting was really well dont i cant wait to see what this full game will be like.

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I really enjoyed the game with the abilities you gain and how you use them with puzzles the story is also intresting the only bad thing is maybe audio when talking to people like at the ramen stands but thats only a little thing

Looking foward to the full game

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I really enjoyed the art style and the humour the gameplay is nice and clean and its not confusing or anything im really looking foward to the full game when it comes out  and what you end up doing with it thanks for making a great game .

and do you have any tips on tax evasion

it looks like it will be really good when fully done.I like how colourful the world is and how you have to change characters mid air to get past some parts of the environment and i feel like a lot of cool things can be done with that I also look forward to see if there will be a story along with the full game.

would rate rainbow out of all the colors

this was a really good game and has a lot of potential I like how it doesn't tell you exactly what to do but is still hard enough to have fun and i like seing how different the things are in this world i am looking forward to playing the full game.

I like how it directs you what to do but not tell you exactly and it is good at giving you the creepy vibe with all the noises and this game is one of the horror games that have scared me i would rate 10 screams out of 2 demons.

this game was very interesting because I never knew what was going to happen but that also made me like it i give this game 5 carrots out of wow.

I thought this game would be scary but it was actually really funny and interesting to play I also like the story that was told