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I really enjoyed this game the atmosphere at the start was eary and i like some of the puzzles that were around but one thing i did like but i think could be worked on is the story because it is a little hard to keep up with at times like why are we helping kids near the end and.

I do like some of the jumpscares the game had but near the end where slender man would just stand there and dissapears or suddenly pops up combined with him not doing much damage does make him feel a little less scary.

But those are only a few small things so i look foward to part 2 of the game and I hope you enjoy this video.

I like how as you go through this place you meet all the diffrent fish that have theur own thought on which way they think is right which makes you sorta think about it a bit more yourself and i like the message that you give at the end.

And as you also go throughsome things just feel off with some of the weird rooms but that is good and keeps things intresting especially with the song that was great so all in all i really enjoyed this game and i look foward to seing more.

I enjoyed the game and how the story sorta leads you where to go but feels natural and how theres always something going on so your not just standing there doing nothing and the like the few scares you get

But one thing that is confusing is keeping up with what is going on it could have been maybe explained in a way but i really enjoyed the game and i hope you enjoy tge video

This game was really intresting i like how things slowly get weirder each night but not to a point where you get scared but know something is going on so that makes the last night feel more scary and more uneasy.

And i like the concept of the game too because you would never think of shopping as being scary looking foward to seing more.

I like how things slowly get weirder as you get rid of the mold. It was really enjoyable and i feel like if you even wanted to expand the game you could have levels where each level things slowly get weirder and weirder or where each mold has its own story or something i think that could be quite cool looking foward to seing more.

I really enjoyed this game and how things slowly get weirder the more of the symbols you found i like how you made us search around the whole room for they symbols to make sure we would see the things going on and to scare us i like the concept and the way you executed it i hope i can play some of your future games.

I really like how you let us get a sense of our surroundings at first  and then have things start to get weird with the locked door opening by itself and then being put in that weird corridor room and one  thing I think could be done to make it better is just maybe some background noise to get more of the atmosphere but i really enjoyed playing this game.

This game was well done I was never sure if something was going to happen or not so i was all ways on edge and you got me a few times with the shadow popping up the atmosphere was good I see a lot of potential for this game.

i really enjoyed this demo i cant wait to see what the full game has to offer with all the levels challenges and all the different cars will be interesting to see i also noticed there where even boats and helicopter i cant wait to see what you do with them. I also really enjoyed some of the physics because sometimes it was just weird which added to the charm can wait to see the final product.

this game was fun to play it has been a while since i played a game like this i like how you have to set up all the things but there puzzles and how things slowly get weirder and weirder and once the ''game'' is done i think you did very well with her descent into madness this game was made well and it a nice game to just pass some time I love the idea and I hope you get enough support to make the full game

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I really enjoyed this game the art style was nice and the story was engaging the puzzles weren't too hard and is clear with what you have to do.

do you have a release date for the full game because those screenshots look good and i want to walk up to a alien and go ooig oog

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thank you for making the game it was fun to play Glad you enjoyed the vide

I really enjoyed this game i like the artstyle and the puzzles wherent too hard but i still had to think it was a nice game to just sit down and play the story was also engaging and how the narrator gives you some little hints you horror games are always so good

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i really enjoyed this game with the style and the story i liked the hidden message but im sad to hear that this game gave me a real good scare.

I really enjoyed this gave it was fun to just sit down and play it made my pea brain think but it wasn't too hard which i like the art style is cute and eye catching i cant wait to see what you do with the full game.

i like the art style and some of the puzzles they made me think but weren't too hard story was also interesting would read this book again

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This game was really good i liked how you had to hold your breath the atmosphere was great i was always on edge. i didn't realise you could hide in the boxed while playing but i actually got scared by this game and it has been a while since i got spooked like that i really enjoyed this i cant wait to see what you make next also i don't know if the keyboard thing was me or the game.

i really liked this game it was fun to just sit down and play i liked the puzzles they took some of the little brain power i have but weren't too hard the audio was also really good it just put some of the scenes together i also liked the story looking forward to playing episode 2.

I really like the fighting and the hidden areas with the money because I liked the weapon designs and needed some for the one i wanted i also the the platforming element and the puzzles. The story sound like it is going to be good i cant wait to see what you do with the full game

Im looking foward to it

and do you have a idea of how long that might be just wondering

YEA  i knew i lot of marine life died from plastic but not that much each year and who knows we could be killing more we dont even know aboyt because we have hardly explored the ocean

i really enjoyed this game the audio the art style i really like it was really fun to just sit back and play but i really liked the story and meaning i didn't notice till later in the game that's what it was about but i hope it shows some people what is actually happening thanks for making a great game cant wait to see what you do with the full game

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I really enjoyed this game i enjoyed the humour I got some laughs and the puzzles where well thought out and i liked how the cut scenes give some hint's and how you can use h to see some items i also like the art style its really unique the only bad thing i can think of is that you could maybe have the characters talk a bit slower i found it hard to keep up with the conversation

I really liked the spacing between when things start getting weirder and i also liked the story line and how he replies to everything that is interactable.

And thank you for making a great game

I really enjoyed this game in level 3 with the lights going out made me uneasy because i felt like something was going to come at me at any second  so it had a really good atmosphere and i also like the little tweaks you did with the music at some points the game was good to just sit down and play for a bit

i really enjoyed this game with some of the humour it had and i never knew what was coming next i liked the puzzle added in and some of the jumpscares where really well done the voice acting was really well dont i cant wait to see what this full game will be like.

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I really enjoyed the game with the abilities you gain and how you use them with puzzles the story is also intresting the only bad thing is maybe audio when talking to people like at the ramen stands but thats only a little thing

Looking foward to the full game

it looks like it will be really good when fully done.I like how colourful the world is and how you have to change characters mid air to get past some parts of the environment and i feel like a lot of cool things can be done with that I also look forward to see if there will be a story along with the full game.

would rate rainbow out of all the colors

I like how it directs you what to do but not tell you exactly and it is good at giving you the creepy vibe with all the noises and this game is one of the horror games that have scared me i would rate 10 screams out of 2 demons.

this game was very interesting because I never knew what was going to happen but that also made me like it i give this game 5 carrots out of wow.

I thought this game would be scary but it was actually really funny and interesting to play I also like the story that was told