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Got this in the bundle, played around for a bit and it's very good so far. Are there any plans to add a sound test / jukebox mode? The OST is great and it would be nice to hear the songs in full in-game.

The second screen of the first walking segment always softlocks. It's only possible to continue if the player saves and loads right before it. The language options also vanish from the title screen if the player returns to it via a loaded save.

Re: Tones and Myx. I think the key is what events are factually confirmed vs those tainted by the viewpoint character's interpretation. Myx being hungry enough to try eating someone is part of her introduction and therefore exists outside of Pip's perspective. It's a comedic scene that's resolved quickly, but might be questionable given later reveals (imo Myx will probably be the most divisive character which is not a bad thing, but means she needs to be handled more carefully). This is opposed to Pip always seeing the good side of people even when it is a terrible idea, since the player can see things that contradict her viewpoint. 

Re: Meta Stuff. Yeah I expected as much, being a leftover from time crunch is understandable. Direct Fourth Wall breaks tend to be very hit and miss... they're misses imo due to being a bit "cheap" and flat. Much more interesting are unreliable narrators, forced action, etc, as I mentioned in the other comment. MBM's meta moments are the gap between knowing the right thing to do/say, and actually doing it. Clicking a wholesome goody-two-shoes dialogue prompt is vastly easier than actually saying such a thing in reality, and that's an interesting thing to explore.

Pacing is imo the most important part of VNs due to the low level of interaction. Part of why I thought MBM was better written is down to this, where sections that would usually be slow instead build dread due to the framing device. The player is baited into thinking about each new bit of text and how it fits into what they already know. Obviously don't just reuse the flashback framing device, but giving the player more than one thread to think about at one time is a good idea.

This is a big long sorry. PS birds might not be mammals but they're all amniotes, which is close enough :^).

Played this and the prequel as part of the recent bundle. Spoilers, obviously.

Liked: The meta stuff re: the framing device. The story being a flashback recontextualises the generic "correct" choices as Myx's wishful thinking, which is a neat trick. The player can predict and dread what is going to happen but they're helpless to stop it, since the past is immutable. The one "fake" choice where the text continues without input was very effective, perfectly timed to catch the player off guard. The tone and characters are much improved in MBM than in PUQFFAL imo. The prequel has some tonally strange moments (eg Myx's hunger and introduction), while everyone's motivations are constantly clear in MBM.

Disliked: The more obvious meta stuff. This is mostly tied to Digit, but the other characters eg Pip do it on occasion as well. With Digit it seems to be an intentional character trait which imo might clash with the tone later down the line.

Misc: Digit says "You're restricting nature" at some point, which should be "Your restricting nature".