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I liked this game! The controls are really good! And love the sounds too! I am sad that i won the game on second try. But this is a really good game, and it's really brutal that you made it in 48 hour! Just keep going!

I really like the game! I played a lot of with my brother! My only problem is that the sensitivity of the controller is so big that it's nearly impossible to win against the keyboard. (My luck is that my brother is not so good in fps games) I hope you will update the game soon, with new maps and others!
But overall i love this game! Just keep going!

I like the game! It's really fun...  but there are no checkpoints! And it's hard that we always respawn at the begining.  But i like the design and the movement is also good, so overall i like the game. Just keep going!

Yeey the new mods arrived! I like the ideas! Just in the hide & seek you can't really hide, it needs a new map where the fish can hide from the shark! But overall i like the new modes!

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This game is not bad! I really like the world! It looks fantastic! My only problem is that the game don't tell you what should you do, so it's a bit hard for the beginners. And the game needs more sounds! BUt overall i really
like the game! It's really fun to play with my brother! Just keep going!

Oh and i am excited about the new modes! I hope it will be ready soon!

I like the new map! The new map is much easier to win with the fish than the previous map. (And i got another idea! I'm sure you are already working on it but...  It would be nice, if we could swim faster in it, but it would cost stamina.)

Wow!!! This game is awesome! I always plays this game with my brother. And it's really fun! We are not very good in this game and we never get trough floor 7. And I really like it that we can draw. We drew down one of the symbols from one of the books and it exploded! (Both of us died) So i really liked the game and if i had to rate it it would be 10 out of 10. Just keep going!

Can we play with gamepad +Keyboard?

What is this game?? XD This is fantastic!     I love the idea! Keep going!

The idea is great, the textures are nice. My only problem is, that this game is unfinished. It's need some more update to be an complete game. For example if we could swim up and down with the fish and the shark, it would be nice.

And that would be also great if the shark and the fish were given animations. As an extra maybe you should take some new maps and skins in the game as an extra feature. Than it will be a complete game. 

(Sorry if I have some grammatical mistakes, i am still learning English)

Anyway just keep going!