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Really enjoyed the atmosphere and sound design. The hands were a nice touch. It felt rewarding to complete the seal and help the yokai. Really looking forward to play the full game when it comes out.

Thank you for the demo!

No problem :D

The last game I played in this video and I quite enjoyed the story and art style of the game. The reload time was super long on purpose to force you to hide but I didn't know where I was running with the light off so I often ran in the wrong directions. Woopsie!

Thank you for the game and I hope to see more from you!

This is definitely one of the best Siren Head games out there but unfortunately I ran it tons of random deaths. I think I almost got to the end on my last try before it bugged out and Siren Head killed me.

Second game in the video. Thanks for the game!

Included as the first game in this video for the best Siren Head games made. Still holds up well in 2020!
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Welcome to ECHO! Third and last game in this video.

Had some issues with some gameplay elements of gathering items (mainly the monster AI just attacking you straight away and I had to just wait for him to leave eventually) but overall enjoyed the storytelling and some of the sound effects really got me. That realistic knocking sound always gets me every time I hear it :'D

Looking forward to playing more of your games if you continue to make more. Which I hope you do :)

Waited for the full release of this and was not disappointed. This is the second game in my video and it was short and full of creepy moments and scary sound effects. Especially when it was in the attic and it sounded like someone was coming up the stairs in the dark. Wow. So good.

Thanks for the game! Hope to see a lot more from you :D

I went super deep.

Gave all my feedback in the video (first game) but overall enjoyed it and piecing together the story was good thought for the brain. 

Thank you for the game! Hope to see more from you :)

Played through the full version and it did not disappoint! Thanks for the game. Hope to see more from Emika Games!

Managed to get both endings and enjoyed all the random monsters that made the whole atmosphere very mysterious and creepy.

Well done!

Last game in this video:

This has so much potential to be an awesome adventure puzzle horror. Looking forward to play the full game when it comes out!

Love the flamethrower by the way :D
First game in this video:


A bit salty that I never got to eat those apples but oh well...

Second game in the video:

Thanks for the game! :D

I had to scan it with the phone far away from the screen but the scan only gave me a code I had no idea what to do with it.

Great concept and very creepy atmopshere in this game. I think the puzzle was a bit confusing and I guessed the last part of it. Also curious about what the QR code is supposed to lead us to. I loved the 'cheater' ending as well. Well done and hope to see more from you :)

Well done on the game! I played through it a couple times and like the fact that I was focused on giving the costumers their 100% happy's humble burger barn service and then you know weird stuff start to happen. Thanks for the game!

This game was well made! Very creepy and the voice acting is quite good. Wouldn't mind a small puzzle here and there just to keep me busy while listening to the monologue. Thanks for sharing your game!

Finished with both endings! Thanks for the game!
I kind of guessed the piano puzzle and the rotating globe pin one but overall enjoyed the game. Also confused why the wooden carved statues had South being pointing forwards etc. 

Best retro horror I've played in a long time! Well done and hope to see more from you :D

The last part of the video I played this game. The english version. A lot of weird grammar that made it hard to follow the story and I couldn't understand what to do to progress further at the end. Would be a good game with proper translation and some more work and images that were more relevant to what the character is talking about. Thanks for sharing your work!

Game number two in the video. It's not too bad actually I am just not clever enough to figure out how to avoid the monsters xD

Well done! I hope you make more :)

How long is the game? Thanks!