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never have you finished my game xD. did you really let it run for 7days?

thanks on making the art haha... have you finished it tho?

The game had little playtesting. It was always me trying to get things done by time because there were many many more bugs which caused the game to crash ^^  Im glad i killed those bugs. But in the end there was no time to fix my whole movement script and hitboxes for the player. I dont change the color of the player, everytime it switches colour, it switches to a whole new sprite set :D 

Maybe ill make more games with a monochrome theme to them
i'm currently sitting at 7 ratings ^^ It's pretty unforgiving and still has some bugs but i hope you will like it
btw read the story on the game page to get fully imersed :D

If you dont mind playing my game ^^
its pretty hard but it gives you some sort of limitations with art and i think you will like the character

This marks the stop