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A member registered Apr 27, 2022

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I am a fan of Backrooms and your game, hope to see more interesting contents!

I stabbed a walker with a full inventory, the walker gave me a life flora, causing my knife not being able to come back into my inventory(it stayed at the place where the walker icon should of been)

I got knocked out of the map by two limes in the first stage(stage1,bellow in the woods)

is the game still developing? just curious……and I can't cheat since I don‘t have a num pad

I got myself licking my own feet……?

I found a bug...... (But please don't change it!) It's about Kowa the Coward (I will only spoil it if someone replies to me) You can get infinite money&potions using it, but it needs a lot of luck, skill

Table?I didn't see any white outline to interact with, and I clicked everything and even went backwards in time to try it again, but still didn't work

How do we even place the Good-Hooker down?I've been stuck in the quest of buying it.(sorry for the trashy English) I've tried several times but I can't find the spot to place it, it doesn't show anything besides the two staircases.