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That's the plan... Glad you like it.

Wow its quiet in here!  I've been a bit distracted and thought I'd missed the boat - anyway, I've submitted a "room".  Would appreciate your thoughts on whether my "room" meets the reqs.  I have this "empty" feeling that I'm sailing on the borderline of disqualification... I could still make a quick change if needed.  Some cool entries coming in though, had a lot of fun reading a few of them.

I love the idea of a compilation zine - if it can happen that would be amazing.

The invitation link for the official discord has expired or is invalid, any chance of an updated link?

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A bit like yourself I had to just focus on submitting "something" after another week of tinkering and procrastinating with what I really wanted to produce.  I originally had an idea for a short  adventure revolving around a small village which was being terrorised by my folklore inspiration - the Cü-Síth, a monstrous fey hound.   In the end I decided that if I was going to get something I could submit I'd have to focus on something less involved, so I pared it back to just the creature background, stats and some plot hooks.   I'll confess that I will probably revisit the original idea post jam, but for now I'm happy with what I submitted even if its not quite as gritty and dark as the scenario itself would have been.  Personally I need to learn from this experience and take on board that its actually OK to pare things back, to focus on one idea.  I have so many unfinished projects that stare at me from my work in progress folder that sometimes its almost completely disheartening - so submitting something small and "finished" is in many ways a big win for me.