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Thanks - appreciate that. Might have a V1.1 up my sleeve at some point, we did a load more playtesting and learnt a thing or two!

Yeah - it was me being dim, or more correctly it was a glitch in the archive extractor I was using on my Mac for the RAR files.  Brilliant artwork - can't wait to see more, my players loved your original set when we played Mothership.  They fit the bill perfectly.

The April 15th and April 22nd update appear to be the same file when downloaded - Anyone else? Or am I being even dimmer than usual?

That's the plan... Glad you like it.

Wow its quiet in here!  I've been a bit distracted and thought I'd missed the boat - anyway, I've submitted a "room".  Would appreciate your thoughts on whether my "room" meets the reqs.  I have this "empty" feeling that I'm sailing on the borderline of disqualification... I could still make a quick change if needed.  Some cool entries coming in though, had a lot of fun reading a few of them.

I love the idea of a compilation zine - if it can happen that would be amazing.

The invitation link for the official discord has expired or is invalid, any chance of an updated link?

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A bit like yourself I had to just focus on submitting "something" after another week of tinkering and procrastinating with what I really wanted to produce.  I originally had an idea for a short  adventure revolving around a small village which was being terrorised by my folklore inspiration - the Cü-Síth, a monstrous fey hound.   In the end I decided that if I was going to get something I could submit I'd have to focus on something less involved, so I pared it back to just the creature background, stats and some plot hooks.   I'll confess that I will probably revisit the original idea post jam, but for now I'm happy with what I submitted even if its not quite as gritty and dark as the scenario itself would have been.  Personally I need to learn from this experience and take on board that its actually OK to pare things back, to focus on one idea.  I have so many unfinished projects that stare at me from my work in progress folder that sometimes its almost completely disheartening - so submitting something small and "finished" is in many ways a big win for me.