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That said, Paypal does not have the problem, looks like it's just a Stripe problem.

Same problem, only I am not located in Brazil (I'm in Canada), nor do I have a US based payment card.

Hey thanks, glad you enjoy it. Play by post could work real well. It would definitely add a hair of realism by introducing a delay in communication.

Awesome! Thank you. I hope you get to stand with some old trees and just let the universe wash over you for a few moments.

Be well.

(missed the notification for the comment)

Thanks! Glad you like it.

Wow, thanks for the kind words!

Thanks, mate! Glad you enjoy it. It's formatted as a Rack Card from Roughly 3.6 x 8.5. I have some updates I want to make after the jam is finished, and then I'm gonna get it printed there. But, it'll fit on a home printer. It's basically the centre panel of a 3 panel pamphlet. :)

I was also in need of an excuse to use the pretty book about fake mushrooms I ordered. I've got a few more ideas for V2 based on some of the other games here, but am gonna wait until after the voting period before updating.

That's awesome! I hope your prof. enjoys it. I'm currently in the middle of getting a short run fancy printed. The NPO that promotes eating mushrooms and mushroom farming is up the street from me.