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Super Awesome but I like to go Upstairs pls :)

Awesome! Would love to try it sometime. 

Following mechanics are nice and it's so cute.

Thanks I have been working on my c# skills. First Time making a complete game.

Interesting concept, u should definitely expand on this, maybe try and make a level using free asstes.

Awesome Art style!

when whole scale factor is turned to x3 and game is played once on the main menu there are random numbers overlapping each other on top.

Player is if he doesn't open a chest (maybe it's a feature so that no one can miss a chest) but sometimes the dead skeletons make it impossible to see what are you supposed to type, maybe change the color of text above chest, to a darker shade maybe.

Btw, why no fullscreen mode? It would be nice.

what a nostalgic game, reminds me of typing games I used to play as a kid,  but it's fun. A few bugs here and there but its and awesome game.