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its a good game, i just wish u could with wasd along with mouse cus moving on a trackpad is hard

the window is way too big for my screen and there doesnnt seem to be a way to change he size

oh god

how could your nephew beat this, this is SO HARD.

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do dots and boxes if you do another one

it fun

there are how many levels now?

oh my god the physics engine is SO BAD

i had a huge problem with blocks or me getting stuck in the ground, and blocks and me being yeeted

yeah i saw

it feels a little dumb that you lose your tiles and weapon when you gp through a portal

also an arrow to the portal when you spawn in so you dont waste tiles would be cool

i think that the only thing the basic ball is good for is some extra damage on the  Blocky Balboa cus of the 2x damage increase for basic balls on it

i dont think it does anything

sometimes the controls didn't want to work with me, like constantly sliding past the house's door while i try to get in

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could there maybe be difficulty modes that change the time between attacks?

I really want to enjoy this game, but i don't take time limits too well and i get panicked that I won't get up from the mine in time for the attack, leading to me staying in the dome and making no progress, so an option for a longer timer would be amazing.

new PB: 8:48

4 seconds better than my last PB

try resting your sword on that slightly raised up portion then rotate it to the right to get up there

second try, personal best

so i just started the game and got stuck cus my sword clipped into the ground