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the ship you find was intended to be a new method of transportation so you could go faster, but the swimming control was new for me, so time ran out and the ship became an underwater relic. the level is large and contains an underwater research building blockout. if i have time, i'll definitely come back to this project. underwater landscapes are so relaxing. 
It certainly needs extra particle effects and aquatic life! UE5 Demo.
Thanks for your testing and ideas! 

thanks so much for checking it out. very good ideas, that I'd like to add.  it was a contest, and most of the time got spent in shaders and modeling.  i never did an underwater controller, and it was tricky to tweak. this demo does deserve more development, maybe with some polish it could be a nice relaxing immersive soundscape

That is true, but it is relatively playable, and I did learn quite a bit about input, actor communication, updating ui, blueprints. 
i'm just learning to get gameplay things to function , so hopefully will be able to be more productive in future projects. I was happy to at least be able to put something together, and get it in by the deadline. :)

Thanks for checking it out!