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If you replace the files with the updates instead of removing old files and uploading new ones then the tags will remain. You can also simplify the process of uploading new builds by using Butler.

Looks great!

Please tag the downloads for their respective platforms so they can be installed using the Itch app.

Looking forward to seeing this game progress further!

It’s easy to miss. You’d have to check the tutorial or maybe see it when configuring controls in the settings.

Good job! You were very close to the end. Level 10 is the final level.

Yes, it is possible to get the presents together on each level. Though it may require you to pull boxes around on some levels.

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Sorry to see it go out like this.

I was following the project with great interest until I learned it was VR-only. (The itch page doesn’t make that clear, but the Steam page does.)

The game being VR-only ruled me out as a potential customer since I don’t own any VR equipment.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for you, because you always have creative and interesting ideas to explore. I just selfishly hope it’s not another VR-only project so I can play around with it.

Best of luck in whatever comes next!

Would be nice to have the auto-detection working. Does adding the “width” and “height” properties in the style attribute of the “gameContainer” div work?

Yes. That’s exactly what is needed.

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Late reply, but I just came across this template and ran into the same issue as you with itch not being able to detect the canvas size.

But the good news is I found the solution.

Near the bottom of the index.html included in the template, change the line with

<div id="gameContainer">


<div id="gameContainer" style="width: %UNITY_WIDTH%px; height: %UNITY_HEIGHT%px"></div>

and will then be able to automatically find the canvas size.