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Your engineering skill levels as you break locks, I was able to break every lock in the game without using a single key, some are harder than others, start with lockers, also my inv bugged and i was actually able to hold everything XD

I kept getting zapped while in the room you wake up in, so every time i woke up the drone would zap me again haha

Yeah the public version, although If the other version is hosted on itch it would suffer the same problems.

found another somewhat exploitable bug, if you enter the forest while at max lust you lust break as soon as the fight starts, and you can click attack, it wigs out then says defeated returns you to town but you get 100 gold each time

Same thing happened to me but it was Jessi

I keep getting server time outs and other errors when trying to download, assuming due to the size of the file and how long itch leaves the download socket open, I've tried through browser and also a download manager, Is there any chance we could get a torrent link?


Only one suggestion, maybe a hide ui button for the text box, got in the way in some scenes, otherwise great work keep it up.