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So the issue with the population is that it doesnt seem to matter how many buildings i complete my population doesnt seem to exceed 3. If there is a way to increase the population it isnt immediately obvious. And none of the building descriptions directly say wether or not it increases population. That and i think it would be nice to have a number display over the farms and stuff so i know exactly how much that tile made. Just some Quality of Life changes that i think would make the game alot easier to understand.

In terms of content i like the somewhat roguelike aspect to it. I think that aspect of the game adds some weight to my decisions. If you had more benefits to where i put buildings then it would definitely make me think twice before placing buildings. Like maybe the windmill could increase the efficiency of farms for example. Or maybe you could add a lumber mill to increase wood output or a mine for stone output. As of right now it doesnt seem to matter where i put my buildings and because of that it makes my actions feel... bland i guess.

But i like the idea of a Roguelike, City & settlement, tlie placement, strategy game. Not very many games that can pull that off well. Like i said, the game has alot of potential. That and for what it is i think its a solid game.

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Kinda wish it was more obvious exactly how much population i have

The game has potential and i think could be a cool fun game if it had more to it

idk if this game still in development or not but if it is then id like to suggest a few things. The two biggest problems right now are AI and catapults. I want to address catapults first cause its easier to explain. Catapults are way to powerful in the sense that it kills both enemy and ally units. This includes itself. I think it best if the splash damage on the catapults was fixed. The AI is a different story and something id suggest you work on if your still working on this is the computer AI. I noticed that while i was playing by myself that the other three teams dont have the capability of doing anything bet standing there. That and when i tell my troops to go somewhere they dont just stop as soon as they reach the waypoint. They start going in circles and spazing all over the place. If you did those two things i bet this game would start to go somewhere. That is, if your still working on it.