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pretty fun game !  The trailer really made me want to try it out and I got what I paid for : zombies ! the weapons feel nice, the animations are cool, and the zombies themselves look great, reminds me of other indie zombie titles like "no more room in hell" or " zombie panic ! source". It has a nice old school and creepy vibe, and I'd love to see it with more maps and content !

The few things I would have a problem with are the itch io page (crediting the artist you used the image from, also the description is really weird, for example when you go " residence of evil, Battle royale, multiplayer, dead, shooter, 3D, slender man" it kind of feels like you want to grab people's attention no matter what, which doesn't make me want to buy the game)

Anyway, keep up the good work ! : D

Great game ! Some ideas in there (espescially with, for example the apple ) are amazing in themselves, but with the sounds, the visuals, and the atmosphere, makes for a really unique game  * u * )

I'm not sure weither you made it all by yourself or with a very, very small team, but either way congrats, that's an impressive thing to make !

really interesting game, with a great atmosphere ! I haven't seen much visuals quite like this in a while, looking forward to play the whole game : D

X) waw thanks dewd, must say I didn't expect to hear that today ! It's funny you say it about this game, cuz it's from a time at which I kinda struggled to get my artstyle in 3d ^^.

Glad you like it ! Well it certainly is the one who left the most people wondering " WHAT IS THAT THING ?" ( huheuhuheuheue )