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This is amazing, and I didn't expect it to hit so close to home. It's so cool to see artistic intent poured into every facet of an experience like this. 

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pretty fun game !  The trailer really made me want to try it out and I got what I paid for : zombies ! the weapons feel nice, the animations are cool, and the zombies themselves look great. It has a nice old school and creepy vibe, and I'd love to see it with more maps and content !
But you should credit the artist you used the image from for the cover image : /

Great game ! Some ideas in there (espescially with, for example the apple ) are amazing in themselves, but with the sounds, the visuals, and the atmosphere, makes for a really unique game  * u * )

I'm not sure weither you made it all by yourself or with a very, very small team, but either way congrats, that's an impressive thing to make !

really interesting game, with a great atmosphere ! I haven't seen much visuals quite like this in a while, looking forward to play the whole game : D

X) waw thanks dewd, must say I didn't expect to hear that today ! It's funny you say it about this game, cuz it's from a time at which I kinda struggled to get my artstyle in 3d ^^.

Glad you like it ! Well it certainly is the one who left the most people wondering " WHAT IS THAT THING ?" ( huheuhuheuheue )