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Denys Shust

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Hello, how did you fixed the issue with custom url params ?
My Unity WebGL game can not read parameters when uploaded to (

Цікава гра !
В туалет я так і не потрапив, поки викрадав 7 дезодорант - мене спіймали ) 

Я б радив додати в налаштування можливість виключати розмиття.

Yes, exactly this one. Thanks !

Font is amazing !
Where did you get it ? 

You can`t win

Okay, that is a good idea !

128 seconds survived !

I left it for the better times ☺️ 

Almost all done ✅

Only Robo-girl left 👌

Okay, the witch is done :D

Woah ! Great game !

Спасибо за потраченное время и усилия на его прохождение !
Игра делалась для джема, часов 8, кривую сложности некогда было настраивать :D

I hate it, but i love it :D

Okay, 12 of 15 is my first try. This is pretty polished and cool !

I love that color aberration effect so much :D

Cool game !
Just completed it in dark green style

Cool, but have you tried my 1D game :D ?

Awesome tool !

Oh, no. There is a really bad bug in the game. When I fell off the map with characters, and than I restart the scene, their acceleration and velocity remains the same, they keep falling down, passing through the floor.

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If you type a large number to hours it behaves weirdly. The timer itself do not even starts. But this is a nice tool overall !

Well done :)
I have completed it with joy

Great !

Beautiful !
But... it lags too much, and highscore does not save

Can't run the game (

It says that some data is missing


A masterpiece as always !

Please, unhook the camera from the player, make it smoothly follow the player.
The script for the Camera :

using System.Collections;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using UnityEngine;

public class CameraFollow : MonoBehaviour


    [SerializeField] private Vector3 offset;

    [SerializeField] private Transform target;

    [SerializeField] private float translateSpeed;

    [SerializeField] private float rotateSpeed;

    private void FixedUpdate()





    private void HandleTranslation()


        var targetPosition = target.TransformPoint(offset);

        transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(transform.position, targetPosition, translateSpeed * Time.deltaTime);


    private void HandleRotation()


        var direction = target.position - transform.position;

        var rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(direction, Vector3.up);

        transform.rotation = Quaternion.Lerp(transform.rotation, rotation, rotateSpeed * Time.deltaTime);




AI in my game "Super Puper Racing" uses waypoints following technique as the player in your game. :D

Ok. I get 247, died, but still continued earning points !! LMAO. Good game !

Minimalist, entertaining, complete. Bravo !

Thanks ! Everything is clear now 😉

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A masterpiece ! I definitely love it. The game is well balanced, entertaining and funny. MAKE MORE LEVELS 🤩

Amazing game !
Visuals are HOT. Love it

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In TriJam`s HALL OF FAME the winner of 161 jam is Multiverse Runner, BUT when i look to real jam rating i saw, that the winner is I HOPE YOU LIKE PINK. The game Multiverse Runner is on the 5-th place... WTF ? :D

869 is my record. Amazing !
But, the game resolution doesn't fit my screen properly

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Thank you. Pray for our lives

Great hyper-cash game. Make it for Android/IOS

I completed it, but there are no winning or losing labels (