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Ending 2 is the bad ending, even if it's the right one.   But, I absolutely love ending 1!!!!!

Sorry,  but I keep crashing.   Right after Brahve goes to bed then you see the cockpit, says some line about jumping into space, then it lags twice and crashes.   I'm running the program thru the website on my android phone.   I plan on buying the vn eventually.   I really like the art.  Actually your other game synthetic.....  ian the biot,  actually crashed too, but I think that was my fault.   It crashed after I hit the go to other apps button.  I have meat hooks for fingers alot.  With the biot vn I was about 2 hours in and forgot to save...    I really like it though, another one I will be buying when I can.  Ty for making them.

Very funny,  mad props.  Ty.

Loved the video, made me laugh and cry.  Ty

woo hoo 

Hopefully an android version.   😉

Very awesome story.  I got 1 ending but liked it so much I don't really want to risk tampering with the feels.

I'd love to know as well. 

Is there another way to contribute besides PayPal?