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Yeah unfortunately we didn't think about performance and file size until it was too late to take care of it.

1. Just Alt + F4 to quit. We didn't have time to implement a Quit Game button unfortunately.

2. The cost is that they could fail the quest and that invalidates one of your quest slots. Losing all 7 is game over. (We didn't have time for a tutorial either)

3. I followed this tutorial for the radial progress bars.

Thanks for playing the game!

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This is absolutely incredible. I can't begin to describe how cool this is and how surprised I was to see it, but at the same time realizing this might be why you started making a game to begin with. 

One thing I would very much like to see is the possibility to EXPORT and IMPORT your settings or any other means of sharing with a friend to test out and give feedback. 

Would also be useful in educational settings as well. Being able to turn it in for an assignment.

Could you make an Android version? This would be awesome to use on the AYN Odin or on Android phones with something like a Razer Kishi.