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I've had two of games where I've gotten to the last floor and it bugs out. Both times I had less than 4 cards remaining, which I suspect may have something to do with it. Also, I don't think the XP counter goes above 52, which I'm not sure is related or not.

What happens is that I get to the last floor, I click a card and it flips, but the effects don't process, and it doesn't say I've completed the dungeon afterwards.


The first time I got to the last floor with one monster card remaining (which should have killed me), flipped it, took no damage and didn't die.

The second time, I got the last floor with the last Donsol and a potion card with enough shield and health to win if I drank the potion first. But flipping the cards did not trigger the potion or the damage and the win condition didn't trigger either.

Ah thanks for clearing that up, I couldn't figure out why it was letting my run in some rooms and not in others.

This should help a bit with subsequent runs!

Hi, thanks so much for making this, I love the game concept and the card art!

I want to clarify some of the rules regarding running away. The page and the manual say:

Running away

Once you have dealt with at least 3 cards, you can move onto the next room(set of 4 cards), moving the remainder card to the bottom of the deck. You can run away from a room you have not interacted with, once in a row.

Yet, the game lets you run for instance if you deal with one card, providing you haven't escaped the previous floor. e.g.

Is this supposed to be allowed?

Also, the rules say when the rules say you can run away from a room you have not interacted with, once in a row. Does that mean that, so long as you deal with 3 cards each floor, you can keep running away, or are you not able to run away two floors in a row at all.