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Ah ofcourse, thanks!

Whats the use of Flagellants, never used them so far.

That Steam achievement would be cool.

I will post some balance suggestions next week when I played alot more.

Hi Checkmaty,

The game is just AWESOME! I really love playing it.

I bought it 2 days ago, and after some lossed games I got the hang of it. Now i'm winning every time with no big challenges.

I use this tactic to win:

  1. Start with 100 or 200 extra wood (you can use other upgrades but they wont matter as much, +1k gold is usefull as third option)
  2. Start game and pause immediatly, build a church, market and well with enough space around them. 
  3. Build houses till you got 50 wood left~
  4. Build 2 farms, 6 patches of farm land. 1 windmill, 1 bakery.
  5. Build 3-4 woodcutters
  6. If you have any resources left, build iron cutter or a pig farm.
  7. Start the game, immediatly make 3 militia. Place 2 militia on the furthest sides of your base, to give you some time to move your other solders there if attacked.
  8. Defeat the first (or first 2) wave, build 3-4 more militia, make more farm, build 1 hob farm with 6 tiles of hob fields.
  9. Now go for a ale maker, weapon smithy, leather tanner, armory, another pig farm and start upgrading houses.
  10. Build barracks, another windmill + bakery and start building stronger soldiers.
  11. Add the tavern next to the church to upgrade the houses (you should keep a spot saved early on, by now you should have enough ale for a tavern, even with a single hop farm)

Further in the game:

Depending on your food/money supply you should expand with a warehouse and go for either:

1. another set of church/market/well/tavern with lots of houses if you need money. (usually i have like 8 woodcutters by now to build the houses)

2. Fertile ground to build more farms, if your starting positions lacks fertile ground. Build more farms with windmills/bakery's.


-Put militia's on the far end of your base and your main army in the middle in the early waves.

-When building units with the barracks, add 1-2 units to your main army, then start building a second army. If your base is stretched you should get multiple armies, i've finished the game with as many as 5 army's.

Feedback on the game:

-I love building walls, but they don't really affect the battles that much.

-When focussing on money early, the whole game gets easy. Certainly when I build met second warehouse to expand the houses. Either limit houses or decrease their returns above a certain number of houses.