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Fun game. This tank and the hero together reached wave 21 :)

Dartling gunner has too high rate of fire and can win the game solo (not including camouflage balls xd)

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I finally passed all the difficulties🙄

one Seras's upgrade kills another?

omg hooray, finally endless mode. many thanks to the developer, so much content has been created. Already looking forward to many sleepless nights :)

can i have invite too? :3

I found a bug. Allied void monsters summoned from a merged item add wound on death, but this is not displayed on top

Best idle for 2022

Very good autobattler. I can't stop playing it for a week

Cool game

Yes. Very cool game

I had a different keyboard layout :)

I cant move


Yeah I agree, you seem to have good taste my friend!

Best roguelike ever

So cool

Make it possible to view the characteristics of weapons outside of combat

Great game, but easy

Will there be updates?


oh 3d game on PICO-8. Very nice

My record is 9 points

Do you need help with translating into Russian language?

I just subscribed to you yesterday, and you immediately released the game

My favorite roguelike. Even on the old version won several times. But I still don't understand how save works (

Very nice

Very cool. Good luck

May you do this game on Android?

Grass sword is Easter Egg to Adventure time?


Awesome game!

just move the hero to wheat, and then sell from the salesman

I played all your games, but most of all I'm waiting for Tough Islands.

Pls update Грубые острова

где я могу скачать эту игру?

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