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Denis Cormier

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I was thinking about how you can't really see the active piece near the top of the board. To my amusement, you address exactly that issue in 1.01 :D Amazing!

The speed change in arcade mode after 500 or so points ("classic" leveling) is very sharp. Is that actually true to the classic? If so, you really need a clean board to do well beyond that.

I was able to get 3056 on Modern mode after a few rounds. VERY satisfying game to play :)

Great implementation of the game! The color contrast makes it very easy to read the board. And, of course, the game plays very smoothly.

In your implementation, the algorithm for automatically discarding numbered cards is a little too conservative. One example I encountered is a fresh game state with 1-green and 2-green exposed. The game should auto-discard 1-green and 2-green (instead of just the 1-green). The idea (as you might already know) is that there's no point in keeping the 2-green on the board because all 1s can be discarded.

I think the algorithm to handle this properly in all cases is quite tricky, and it's not really a problem at all if the player knows about this heuristic. In any case, I really enjoyed the game :)

Took me a few games to understand that the outside thermometer is... a representation of the heat outside (duh).

I like that the game starts quite slow, so you can process what you're looking at first.

Brilliant little game :) Very neatly designed.

Really fun game. Incredibly satisfying physics.

Really good game :)

J'ai joué à travers le premier jour pis c'est vraiment cool comme jeu. C'est extrèmement captivant. L'atmosphère du jeu est exceptionelle.

J'ai payé un p'tit brin plus que le prix demandé. C'est... clair (ha ha) qu'un énorme montant de temps et de collaboration on été mis dans ce jeux. J'ai ris au gars qui se pensais pas assez bon à la musique comparé aux autres... trop de bonne musique qui sors de la région :)

Aussi, c'est cool en général de voir d'autres acadiens faire des projets en game development. J'ai quelques projets sur aussi et j'utilise surtout Love2d et Lua.

Bonne chance avec tes projets futurs Chad!

- Denis

Oh wow, no kidding! You took a similar presentation approach compared to the textile prototype and varied the overlapping mechanic. Cool :)

This board game is intense! Intimidating to learn at first, but sinks in after a game or two.

Night mode for the game is great, but it's a bit jarring since it isn't applied on all screens.

That's a minor detail given how great the game feels. Great game!

Really enjoyed trying this game :) Even if difficulty increases quickly, really neat game mechanic.

Thanks! :)