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Game starts at 1:38:37

I had a lot of fun with this game. Loved how short the tag line was and all the swirling theories in who was to be believed. So many different combinations and options to choose. Also the artwork was amazing as well. Great job. 

This demo was so in depth and so fun. Mita seems so sentient.

Loved the visuals of this game. I cannot wait to play more. 

I screamed SO MANY TIMES! 

This game was so super scary! First puppet combo game and will be back for more. 

Really enjoyed playing the game. I kept getting scared and popping up the steam keyboard for some reason. 

I really enjoyed the demo. I wish it was longer! Can't wait to see the rest.

This game was so cozy. Really captured the feeling of being a cozy potion shop in the woods. Cute story as well. 

I had so much fun playing this game! Great Job! I don't think I really reached the end but that last scare was so good. Great story telling!

I got a bit stuck but really enjoyed where the game was going! The music was AWESOME as well!!

I absolutely loved this! The endings were insane! I was just trying so many combos to see what would happen! The more you play the more tense things get it was awesome! Great writing! 

I love the idea. It is so simple yet so effective and so addictive. 

Such a good story. It really captures a feeling of sadness well. 

This was such a funny game! I loved the drunk responses the best XD 

Just wow! 

So much fun! I can't wait until there are more mini games! It was a bit fast but I started to catch on.

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A really cute adventure! I love the art style an the dialogue made me laugh as well. Good job! 

This was an absolute delight to play. My cake in the end wasn’t good enough XD But I had a load of fun playing.  

I really enjoyed playing this game. It was so sad :( I though it was going to go one way and it went another. Good story telling. 

omg this is great!