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Denilson Sá

A member registered Dec 10, 2015

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There is one minor detail... The exit door has stairs going up, but looks like the character walks down.

Nice idea, nice implementation, but I have a couple pieces of feedback to make it smoother:

Having to move the hands between mouse and keyboard gets quite annoying. I'd be happy with a full-keyboard (and full-gamepad, and optionally full-mouse) control scheme.

Also, if I'm controlling one piece and click on another, I'd expect to move the control directly to the other piece, instead of having to click twice.

The game (both the Jam version and the updated version) gets a little bugged if I switch to another browser tab and come back later. It's like part of the game engine continued running, but other parts (gfx?) didn't.

And I agree with other people: having a full version of this game would be great.  :)

Nice game!

One wish: level select screen to let me quickly go to any level where I missed a coin. And a restart level, just in case I exit it by accident while trying to get a coin.

One typo: "convinient" should have been "convenient".


  • Mouse sensitivity setting, please! For me it is too high.
  • Volume sliders would be nice too, because I would raise the voice volume and lower sfx and ambient music volumes.