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I like the game's art style, and this game is the type of game that isn't really hard unless you want it to be.

This game is soooo fun! I spent a lot of time playing! It also reminds me of a certain impossible game...

I actually really like the 3d Sonic model!

Hahaha! My best is 25.609 seconds!

Most likely


Lol there was a toxic kid and he told me to kill myself and that i was adopted, I roasted him back and he told me to 1v1 him, I told him to bring his friends, he then proceeds to get clapped in a 1v5 ez.

I see

I'm not sure if you know this, but some edgelord is spamming, "Imagine being black" in the chat.

The discord link in the game does not work for me... Could you send me an invite here?

I really liked this game! Took me quite a while because the puzzles were a bit challenging, but nothing my extra large brain couldn't handle. Keep it up!

Poom = Skill. Skill to make the game, and skill to not die 20 times in a row in anything above "Hey, not too rough!". Okay fine, I might be a normie and never fully played the original Doom but still...

Great game mechanic! I really like the slow down effect. Was that inspiration from MGS? My only problem is that the game is too short... I kind of wanted to play around with the mechanics more!

Ooh nice! I stumbled upon the mechanic thinking that I messed with something I shouldn't have.

This game is EPIC! The art, is small and gets it done in a good way. The gameplay is great, although you need to get used to the control of the soul jump. I really like this and hope that it will get made into a full game.

Nicely well made! I really enjoyed the different puzzles and cool level design! Keep it up!

Nice use of the theme!

This game is the whole embodiment of the trolley problem. Kinda made me feel good for killing people, but to level 3, I felt like a bad guy...

ooooh! I really like the whole nature of this game! The glitch particle effects, The Forum, and even the cute-looking player character! What would be even cooler if we could customize the player's "Username" and profile picture.

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Haha 2188 gottem!

Edit: oh. bodillam got 14746. im coming for you buddy, and i will beat your score.

Please, make the full thing! I am on edge thinking about what will happen to the sock's pair!

Now this, this is awesome! I didn't know that AC and Super Mario could go so well together, and it did!

Oh. The game was really cool, and I never really played a metroidvania. Nice game, and keep it up!

Short but sweet... I really like the calm and chilling aspect of just roving around, finding stuff for people, kind of like Animal Crossing.. But at the same time, it kind of feels unfulfilling.

Amazed to see how far it has come...

A sweet but short game! I really enjoyed the concept, and kind of wished you played with it more!

I really enjoyed this game! The different effects the bells give you force you to change up your play-style, and the game never gets old!

Woah... You really dug into the game... I personally really enjoyed it too!

A little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is really fun!

I like the movement of each chess character normally, and I think this is a splendid way to incorporate them into another game style! Great job!

I like the art style and absolutely mowing down enemies! Add a lawn mower so that we can ACTUALLY start to mowing!


Very interesting concept and I really like the story! It was extra hard because I am by myself... But the music was epic though!

this game is funny. that is all i have to say about it. like, the convos are so weird. i would like to see more awkward games.

Pretty good game! The simplistic art style fit in with what the character was experiencing. I liked the decent movement as well!

mold. excosism. great combination