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I'll make some mock-up cards and post them to you.

This is awesome, and right in line with what I was looking for. I have a template in Nandeck, for a card game with non-specific magic in it. This would work perfect for the artwork for the cards, to have something unique on them.

This game is awesome, and absolutely packed with content and so much fun and replayability.

Some stuff is bananas how hard it is! 

Got a win on Brutal!

This year with getting my Master's in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, I've dedicated a lot more time to getting back into the Linux environment that I started back in '99 as a kid. I've been learning more Python too, and I'm hoping to use tools like MasterPlan to help me keep some of my projects on course, really cool tool SolarLune!

Ok, cool, I was about to say I had the same issue. I tried the demo and was like man this thing is freaking awesome. I will primarily use in Linux, but having it on Steam is a huge plus!

is it possible to have the tool iterate through every combination and output images for every combination? Should be a simple implementation to have it step once, export, step again, export and so on. It would generate a lot of data, but would be a useful option. I'm willing to pay for implementation of that sort.

I'm going to try my hand at creating a game in that sort of style, for both PC and Nintendo Switch. It's really cool to have a good batch of artwork to start with!

I experimented importing this into my game in game maker studio 2, and wow, this will be awesome! I'll be able to add tons of characters from this, or make randomly generated bad guys. The fact that the characters don't have arms is really actually very useful, because i can put another layer on top of the characters!