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I've a very WIP version. I don't have too much time right now, but come back later because I'll do it. Not sure for sidequest except if they change the submission process (it's fine with github, but not with

Do you want it for the Quest? I can try ;)

hi, thanks for your interest! No output right now but it's easy for me to do that. What do you want exactly? Rotation, velocity? Please contact me at comte.yannick(at)

Hi again, I just uploaded a new build  version 1.0.1 for Win64 which must fixes the issue you had. Have fun!

You can except a new set of builds for other OSs in few days!

hi, I'm sorryto read that, will take a look at this and push a fix, I can't push it right now (I'm in honeymoon) but be sure it's coming last week! You can try to use ReVive for now.

It's normal, this issue is related to NoloVR. I hope this will be fixed in a new update.

Also, I'll publish a new release with some fixes in few days (starting 12th July)


Sorry because it's not indicated in the README but you have to recenter the view using the menu button on the two controllers.

  1. Start the game
  2. Wait for Nolo initialization
  3. Press the menu button on each controllers at the same time
  4. Double click on the menu button on each controllers
  5. You can also make a ground calibration using the marker button

With this setup it's work on my devices.

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Hi, I'm sorry to read that, please try this tricks it must work using the SideloadInjector

This is the best test you can do in that release ;)

Ximmerse is supported only on Android and it's for the Outside/In Devkit. The current CV1 is not supported because the SDK is not yet available.

It's fixed, thank you for your feedback! The file is

Have fun!

Hi, I'll try to reproduce the bug and post and update if it's a bug.

Hi there!

A new version was released today on Android and PC, please read the following post for more informations!

If you have already bought the game and if you are not able to download it, please contact me and I'll send you a key.

Have fun!

@Jeremy Oduber Thanks a lot! I'm glad that you liked it.

It's looking good ! I think that a aviation shooter is really original (for once !)

The music is cool and technically the game is really good. What is the resolution that you have used for the backbuffer ? It's small small small :D A last word : Thank you for the Linux build.

Hum it's look like cool ! I like graphics, good job !

Awesome ! I like graphics and the ambience, it's remembers me some old school games such as Rise of Triad (but your is better for graphics ;)).

It's looking good, can you provide a build for Linux x64 ? (An universal build from Unity is working well). Thanks ;)

Hi there,

Let me introduce the new release of GunSpinning VR, it brings many new features as well as updates and fixes.

There are weird things in town, people have changed, they looks different.. they looks dead, but they are alive! Find your way in the different levels to discovers the source of the "problem".


The current beta has two levels, you already know the first, it's the farm, where you can learn how to use your weapon. The second level is the long awaited town! It's infested by zombies so be careful.


Now you have all you need to do your best score. Do you see those blue items? Shoot them all to get the higher rank!

Download now

What change with this beta?

I need your help to tweak mobs and weapons, so please play it and tell me what do you think about this beta. You can contact me at

Also, the full game is now $4.99, it will be at a higher price when the full release will be done. Don't worry, a demo will be always available with the training level (this is what you have today).



  • Android support (internal only, wait for 0.9+ for a public release)
  • Story mode with zombies (non free)
  • Added a new level (The City)
  • Enhanced training mode (will stay free)
  • Left hand support, gaze and controllers
  • Enable or disable lasers (disabled by default, except in menus)
  • Pause menu
  • Added more graphics options
  • New particles
  • Added collectable items in levels
  • The player can die now (so be careful)
  • Added new effects
  • Ximmerse controllers are supported on Android only
  • Possible SteamVR Linux support (I'm on it!)


  • Updated all VR SDKs (Oculus, OpenVR, OSVR, Ximmerse)
  • A lot of refactoring / bug fixes

For OSVR users on Linux and Mac, I added a hack to force the distortion correction!

preview mac

What Next?

  • Level 2
  • Boss 1
  • Better Balancing
  • Official Android release (Cardboard here, but GearVR and DayDream)
  • NoloVR controllers support

Have a great day,


Hi there!

A new version has been released, so what's new in 0.8?

  • Score multiplier
  • Ximmerse Controller support on Android
  • Android supported: GearVR, DayDream/Cardboard
  • OSVR tested on Mac! Same problem with Linux, RenderManager is not supported by Unity. You have to move the window to the HMD display
  • Options: Tweak the game
  • Graphics Effect
There is a bug in the Mac build, I'm working on it, you can expect a fix in the coming days.

Also this update contains a big refactoring and code for the next update which will bring a new City, with waves of ..... enemies :)



There is the list of supported gamepad on Android

* Amazon Fire Game controller and remote.
* Android TV controller and remote.
* GameStick on itself and on Linux.
* Google Nexus Player controller and remote.
* Green Throttle Atlas.
* NVIDIA Shield.
* OUYA Everywhere
* PlayStation 3.
* PlayStation 4.
* Samsung GP20.
* Xbox 360
* A variety of Xbox 360 clones are supported.
* Some generic Android controllers are supported.
* Some generic Blackberry controllers are supported.
* Keyboard and Mouse support.

I have planned to work on an update for Android with a configurable input system. I can't work on it right now because I'm on another game project (see GunSpinning VR). But this feature will come after summer.


The source code is not available for sale, the APK is the full game for Android. Note that it's not updated, the latest version is only available for PC. I'll update the Android port later next month.

The game is made with Unity and the latest version uses the latest OSVR-Unity SDK.

What do you want to do? This game is here for players only. If you want extra licence or anything else, please contact me by mail.


A new release is out (aka 0.5.0), it contains an update of all VR SDKs, as well as some fixes.

The next version will be much more interesting...

Have fun.


Hi, I juste pushed a new version, try it and tell me if it's OK for you ;)


You can post them here on the forum or on my email.

What type of bugs have you encoutered?




I have made good progress on the asset integration, so I've decided to make 3 screenshots that I've transformed to wallpapers!


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You can now download the new alpha which adds a new ingame menu to change some settings (gun angle, etc.) and fixes few issues. As I said in my last post, the next update will bring an entire town! I'm working on few scenarios. I have to work on the level design before release it, but I'll try to do that before the end of this month.

There are few screenshots of the new work in progress town!

People who supported the game will have access to the internal alpha very soon. See you later for the next update!

Thanks to iwanPlays for this Let's Play!

Hi guys!

First I want to thanks people who support the development of the game. Today I'm pleased to announce that I'm able to add more content. Starting the version 0.4.x, the game will have more environments. The first big change will be the add of a big city, with a Saloon, a Bank, a Train... The game will become a true VR Rail Shooter!

preview of the new assets

HTC Vive : VR All The Way!

I posted a <a href="<iframe width=" 560"="" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="">video</a> of me playing on the HTC vive, a lot of you on reddit and youtube have liked the game. Some of you have made requests and I have listened you. You can now change the gun angle and other settings with the new in-game menu (version 0.3+).

What next?

Now I want to add more characters to the game and I need your help for that, the next two stretch goals are $60.


A big thank you for your video! I'm really happy you've enjoyed the game.

As you can see on the description page, it's an alpha and I want to improve it by adding a better town with a small scenario, etc...

And about your video, yes it's bad to shoot the horse ;-)