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Nice game,  I hope there will be a lot more content

We need list of types of goods to prepare and send, list with priority whith is needed most.

We are curently gathering:

Food - Mostly Canned of Dry like dry noodles.

Clothes - of every type, what people give to send.

Medical Suplies - Mostly sterile bandages, spiritus to disinfection of medical tools, painkillers.

If you can send a list of most needed goods then we can prioritize the transports with mostly needed ones.

PS.: If you need chemical suplies like Glicerine and Nitric Mix for deffensive usage then we also will try to get some and send to Ukraine Border Guards. Mines with Nitroglicerine in 2 separate substances might be effective in deffens against enemy Tanks. Off course its only my idea.

Victory for Ukraine! Death for Enemies! Putin go to Hell right Now!!

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I'm gatering suplies to send to Ukraine, 

(we get a request from Mother of some 10 years old child to help get him to Poland, he is near Kyiv, we have a precise adres(Done)),

we will try to send a syplies to Kyiv like food, drinkable water, meds, if it is possible we need to go through border.

Do you have any contact or can contact someone that can help with that?

I probably will be going too, as a translator Poland - English.

Stay Safe!

Remenber its DEFCON 2 in EUROPE, DEFCON 1 is in practice a Nuclear War so remember the basics about Bombardment Events! 

Capitals, Command Centers and Largest Cities are Attacked First, Fle as far as it is possible from Large Cities, When you hear or see a bomb faling or rocket incoming Fall Flat to the ground and Cover you eyes and ears with hands, if you are in building the get under table and place a matress up yourself to minimalise impact force of falling objects!

Dont Forget: When you die its the end for you because we all have only One life available!!!

Stay Safe Good Man!

Woow! Looks worth playing. I hope its not super expensive... Gardeners gets to low paid.

I'm so happy that there will be new game with submarines and its sim! I hope there will be possibility to build bases/outpost and mod support.

Why this version is 64bit only?! I can't play because of that...

32bit version is possible?

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Nice Project! Where can I donate you with debet card?

I hope this will be available on windows tablet or more on PC!

Is any chance that in one of future versions will be added "cannibalism" and "dolcett" fetish? with option to turn gore on/off... I'm curious.