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Oxero, he never said that

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The red guys don't seem to give a DAMN that I'm there...

Just ONE DEADLY DESTRUCTIVE secret weapon request. NNNNUUUKKKKKKEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a big fan of explosive shit

One problem. I'm not sure how to create something.... I am probably gonna feel stupid if I get an answer

What happened to the campaign?

Just one request that may or may not be overpowered. NUKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it a code like "ISeeGold"?

Just Gameplay, No Commentary, how did you get infinite rockets?

I know I've given a lot of suggestions, but this game NEEDS Loadouts!

MORE SECRET WEAPONS PLEASE! Like a gun that makes everything golden, like the superwrench but doesn't kill instantly.

If not a plane or more no secret weapons you could always make a Suicide Bomber.

Also I think it could use a plane vehicle. Piolet gets LMB for machine gun. Second person gets "B" for bombs. And it will be easy to fly. This is my idea, you do not have to take it. But, this is my opinion so, add what you want.

Personally I think this game needs more Secret Weapons. Er.... Definitely No Secret Weapons. Nope. None at all.