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Nice and keep it up! 

btw in the official YB discord server they linked your game and made a fan made BC server for people who love this game so I'm happy you get alot of love from the YB community. ❤

Just my brain being weird thats all as I know she is a girl and all but my stupid brain just being in buffer mode 😆

I never said that a woman need that as you are the one who is saying it.

Need to say this as this game looks more inspired by Your Boyfriend then Boyfriend To Death as the main menu is the same as Your Boyfriend the round faces also but hey if it was inspired more by Your Boyfriend that's cool as that's the reason why I checked out this game.

yeah looked at Bok-su again and yeah now I can see boobs.

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Sorry but I can't see Bok-su as a girl as that's totally a guy in my eyes.

(I know the characters in the game calls Bok-su a She/Her, so I know Bok-su is a girl but its just my brain not seeing her as a girl.)

But anyway ignore my rambling as the game is great and tells a great story.

Short but love to see more if this game

Love the characters designs and love the non-canon stories, I really love this game, hope you make episode 2 of this! 💖

Sorry for the late reply and thanks I never checked the stats menu.

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no, I have on steam like 14 hours in this game but I mostly played it on my switch too and I don't know how much hours I putted in that version, also bought the game on steam early 2015, donno when I purchased the switch version but I can never got a ending as I'm bad at getting the requirements. Also donno how much requirement there need to be too.

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I just finish playing the game again with the mod and I notice the week 5 event where Max gets sick you can pick Dominic to take care of you but I have no idea how to get his ending as after the Valentine's event Max told Dom to give him a answer but to take his time but after that only the TV event happened where Dom is watching Star Trek but after that nothing happened like no special event on the beach or those weeks after it. well beside the Sint. Patrick's day where Max got to dare to kiss Dom.

Hey I know I'm late to this but I just discovered your mod today and is there events I need to play for Dominic?

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This is intresting, hope the game will make a full version~ Also anyone notice the figure staring at you when the power goes out.

I just want to comment again and I still can't believe you guys could get Gideon Emery to voice Finn as he have a really sexy voice to melt for~

Whoohoo Welcome Bomb

Hope so as I said before I really had fun playing thw game and what the yandere girlfriend have to say with what you say.

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Sorry I comment so much but seriously you have to freaking pay for OpenAI and Azura Speech Service... so in other words this game is not free also like I said in my other comments I can't pay for it as it only ask for a Visa, MasterCard and American Express... Which I don't have! As I'm not an American! you really should think of the none American people too as we can't pay for the OpenAI and Azura Speech Service. the only thing I can use is PayPal thart's all.

Sorry for the rant but it just sucks I can't play it anymore (as I had fun with the game) because of the paywall behind the AI and Speech.

again me I can't play the game anymore as she keeps thinking and when she is done there is nothing said...

Me again as I got it to work but with out the text to speech thing but the AI is broken as I'm having a rp with her and then after some time she keep saying "Don't say that you are embarrassing me" and if I try to say Sorry she keep saying that and then when I say Sorry again she kills me.

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Can't do the Azure because I don't have a debit card so I can't use Azure. She also keeps "thinking..." too

ah I see that's sad but hey I it's just a art style I need to get used at

I kinda miss the old art looks because I didn't recognized Kosuke

Interesting and love it and I just look beyond the grammar mistakes as I know I have them too. thank god for autocorrect. also english is not my main language.

Wow can you believe it this game is already 3 years old

okay now that Derek his DLC is out are there any new names added?

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I hope this game will get really popular and maybe there will be a Switch version of it one day. also is the beginning of the tutorial when they say Hello to Melodii suppose to look small?

hell yeah!

Can't wait~

Just started to play the demo and already in love with the music

How do you save this game? btw I played the 0.06 version and now trying out the 2.0 version now

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Bought the game on steam and love it but it was funny went if first heard Terrance his last name and I was like "Wait? His last name is Foster? as I use the same last name for a OC of mine" so yeah to me it was funny. Oh also got 100% on the achievements.

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Why is the OST not on steam? Just wondering why because I bought the game on steam

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Oh btw I'm missing two gallery CGs as it's the two after you see Mishka and Sasha holding hands and I also already got the two bad endings CGs with Roman looking at Sasha and the other with Sasha on the ground with the flower petals so how do I get the other two that I don't have?

lol you know would be funny to make it that Mishka is wearing color changing earrings XD

Hey guys I think there is a sprite color error at the end of Mishka his ending as his earring goes from purple to blue when he turns his head to the side

I already commented on here but I got this game on my Laptop but I wish there was a android version of it so I could play it on my phone

Nice can't wait~

Nice fan game I hope you'll update it when the real game comes out and I love how you don't spoil day 2 and 3 in the fan game