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Great! Thanks I'll let you know if I use them in anything!

Can I edit these or use them as textures? 

Can I use these in any game project or does it have to be match 3? And can I edit them as needed? (like color changing sizing etc)

Great! Thank you!

Are we allowed to edit items in the pack to better fit a project? 

For example: Changing colors, adding cracks/broken marks etc

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That's not what I am actually referring to.  In the area with two cabins if you stand between them the camera will move underneath the ground if you are to close to one of the walls.  that's what  I mean ^.^ 

There is a few glitches that occur when you stand near walls, but other then that I greatly enjoyed the game! The controls feel really nice and responsive and I love the style it's made in! I played this on my twitch and had a lot of fun! 

Recently played this and a few of your other games on a stream. They where a lot of fun and everyone in the stream enjoyed them. ^.^ I loved doing the different character voices and I will defiantly keep an eye on your other projects.

Glad you like it :3

That would be terrifying in real life. 

Sandra! we got a vampire Sandra!

Held the hands of many ghosts. 10/10

I have been grabbed by grabby hands and have gotten lost in grabby hand maze. 10/10

Awesome plat former with a cute style!

Also "Fixed a bug when an enemy dies 100s of dead bodies spawn.  This was due to the automatic recall code. (created too many recalled spears thus multiple spear weapons)" I was not here for this glitch, but for some reason that made me chuckle.  

Nice concept and cute fox! 

Very sad :( need to give the ghosts hugs. ^.^ a nice game.

I think this looks really good so far! I hope you get to finish this project as I'd love to play the full version! Good luck cicada!

Sad and sweet. Need to give them hugs.

Really cool to see this video brought to life!

Thank you!


Played the game with my two younger siblings and we all had fun playing with it. It's a very beautiful game with lovely art in it and beautiful music.

The game is both equally bizarre as it is strangely beautiful.  

Thank you for playing! Sorry about all the glitches it's still pretty early. I'm working on getting better animations and sound effects it's just a matter of finding some good sounds to use that fit with the themes. I'll get to working on the glitches you found and trying to give more clear directions on what you are supposed to do. Thanks again and hope you like future updates!