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I did like this game, wish it was more of a scare with the monster tho like maybe a little longer, i played it if anyone wants to see

played this game today, I did enjoy it! I only think it does take a little long for him and the bus to come so you are left doing nothing but if you want to watch it Here you go!

Play This game today and it was fun and a tad creppy, wish it was longer! You can watch here if you want! play it First.

Was confused about how this was a horror game until it happened lol I did like the game tho, I made a video if anyone wants to watch

Great game, jump scares both got me good lol, check it out here if you wanna see.

Very Fun Game, I Was Trash And Couldn't Beat it But I Will Be Back For My Rematch!

great game, had fun and was scared a lot because i hate spiders!!!

Pretty Fun Game, Wish we knew why he did it tho.

This Game Was Really Good! Keep Up The Good Work I really Enjoyed it!! 

Fun Game, Keep Up The Good Work!!

fun little game, keep up the good work!

W game! I loved playing it and got really scared a bunch of times!

Really Good Game, Creppy Atmosphere and a couple scary jump scares!!

This game was very fun, one jump scare almost killed me for sure, if anyone watches my video I Love you