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thank you 

thank you, i've rated your game to.

wasd is ok for qwerty keyboard, but AZERTY keyboard this is zqsd . Esdf is the same position in the two commonly keyboard in the world. But thank you for your response 

Thanks, I am testing vector art for game development, I will continue to develop this game after the jam. 

A very cool tower defense adaptation. The sound is just a little higher

Really cool tower defense adaptation

Ok thank's for you responses

I have test 2 game at the moment i wrote this topic. If i'm not wrong this game jam is dedicated for Gdevelop . Then why i see 2 games in 2 i've been tested as made with pixiJs ?

Hello, why when you have developed your game in pure JS, why you have not published the game in HTML5 format?

i've learn, many things in this short time . If you want to see more details you make play with the full sreen resolution.

best regard

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I know , if i had more time , the game are really better . Thanks for you'r comment

I tested your game after seeing your devlog. I think it's incredible, the game is simple but effective, it's great art. Good work

if the second jam isn't a game jam i think you can made a game for this two .

simple but effective

i'm on linux and Brave browser

Game don't work's

Thank's guy's

Really good concept . Simple but efficiency

Level 2 has not tested, I've modified this and now you can finish the game

I have updated the game you can finish them . Don't forget the "R" key's for reset the level

Awesome graph , really cool game play. Well play

really good mechanics, and good game

Yes I work on this little game, at the end of this week for add somme mechanics, UI and levels. 

Thank you for your time and your comment 

Thanks for your comment 

Thanks for your comment 

Thank you, so much. I try add more levels and difficulty in next week

Really good art design. And completely match the theme 

Nice game concept , i agree 100%. Just a little hard for me ^^

It's fixed . If don't works tell me and i see what's the problem is.

I know but, I don't know why? My fault. 

OK sorry I fixed this

Thank's guy's . How did you find the game

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Yes sorry for you'r game experience , i try to fixed this .  Thanks for try my game .

is 69 

Nice game