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It would be really funny if the name of the game was "Baba is Hot"

Liked it!

The game ends after the 57th level, right? When I finished it, I got stuck on an empty screen with particles.

I really liked it!!

I liked it! Keep it up!

Nice short game! Do you have any plans for a sequel?

I loved the artstyle of your game! 

But I wish it had more story... Are you planning on creating a sequel? I'd love to play that!

Really fun!

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The spritework is really good.

The bingo system is interesting.

But I think some of the enemies are a little bit unfair, like the dog (sometimes) and the guy in purple. I also expected a more of the final boss. It was a little too easy to defeat.

Asides from that, I really liked the game! Going to play the sequel rn

Do you plan on releasing a post-jam version?

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Is the full game canceled?

Cute little game!

p.s: Got your e-mail s2

Nice little game!


Good game

Are you planning on releasing a post-jam version?

Controlling the penguin (and their tongue) was so fun! 

Keep it up!

Goog game! 

english version?

It looks promissing! Are you planing on releasing a Steam version?

Are you planning on releasing a Steam version?

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Are you planning on releasing a "post jam" version?

Nice artstyle, but I found the game too short, too linear and too "up for your interpretation". Not a bad game, just not the type of game I like

Nice game (and art)!

Take your time, pal

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Not bad, but not good either. The visuals are nice, but I wish the game had more stuff

Nice game! The puzzles were fun, the story is silly (in a good way) and the character designs are nice

in the "tutorial for searching the nations" part of the game, there's a mistake in the subtitles. 

Really liked the game! Do you plan updating it?

Loved the game (and the spritework)! Exploring Charybdis reminded me of the Metroid games! Keep it up!

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Good work! :D

Are you planing on publishing it on Steam? Makes it easier for people without International Credit Cards (me) to buy the game!

Are you planing to release a Post-Jam version?

Do you plan on releasing a "full" version of this game?

Downloading before Nintendo takes it down

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Downloaded before it gets murdered by Nintendo

I liked this game a lot! It looks like a game I would see a friend play on his Playstation 2. One problem I noticed is that there's bugs appear on one playthrough but not on another. And, like tyk said, the movement is a bit slippery.