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hey can you make a resizable window version. or is there any option to do that and i'm missing it?

yeah me to

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sir, i'm 13. please don't insult me. i only asked if it is possible then make it free. i have understood my mistake. i hope you all will understand. please do drop this topic. i won't put any post or comment like this. :(

Myst community · Created a new topic controls

can u put the list of the controls to play the game?

where is the download option?

it works but only the starting intro story is not coming properly when resized

thx a lot for making it so fast . let me check if it is  working

i'm not joking. if he needs money then i'll have to not buy the game since  told that i have 0 money with me. i'm not threatning i really want to play the game that's why

can u make this a windows/mac/linux game pls so that i don't have to open my browser to play this

is ther any way to play it without a fullscreeen view. i could't find any option to do so

is ther any way to play it on windows?

I thank u sir for the bottom of my heart. it means a lot to me. :)

sir, i love ur games and graphics very much. i was and am still and avid fan of platformer games like this. i would love to donate to u as much as u want. but i'm sad to say that i 'm only a 13 and have no money of my own. i'm not lying i swear. i hope u will understand :(