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I completely forgot my accounts login details until today, a thousand apologies for not responding.

it's the presence that triggered it for me and thank you for taking it into consideration ^⁠_⁠^

You make it sound cryptic but you basically just stumbled upon an indie game market it's not any different from steam or GOG so rest assured we're not that far deep in the iceberg you've got a long way down for the obscure platforms.

we chill tho (⁠ノ⁠◕⁠ヮ⁠◕⁠)⁠ノ⁠*⁠.⁠✧

Thank you so much i was literally stuck on this for like an hour

this is definitely well worth the wait, super glad to see that you guys got to this point!

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This game kinda died but you can fire downwards and boost yourself up to unreachable areas

I am too, guilty of dropping the game and picking it back up 

and holy SHIT progress lads
well done I'm excited to see where this goes

The disclaimers lol

Super fun!

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For anyone wondering the music is by TAM music factory. 

Most arrangements used in game can be found on youtube with the rest of Project Kats OST Here:

I have linked some of the more predominent artists work and the rest can be  found on spotify/youtube

 TAM music factory  - Title screen music / Cloudy skye


Hirokazu Akiyama - Unwelcome guest / Strange Ritual


and here: (the site is in japanese so i recommend the above link if you are unable to speak or translate conveniently)

Amacha / Music Atelier Amacha - Dangerous game/Midnight Music Room, 

here: (japanese) no other platforms i can find him/her on as they seem to be very obscure.

M-ART- Kats theme/ Cheshire cat laughing

here: (japanese again) again very obscure

t12ya  or  @ DOVA-SYNDROME- Club room theme/Rocked by the city(?) 


or here(???very obscure...):


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Thats japanese my good friend, the characters translates to  "Cloudy Skye" which is this song. the website for the artist (it is in Japanese) who is also on spotify as "TAM music factory" hope this helped :) is an album by them which can be found on spotify. some great music

Hey There! I dont know if its too much to ask but could we please have a version of the title screen  without the selection menu to use as a wallpaper? alternatively any art would be great!

Could you please have a slider for motion blur? this triggered my motion sickness :P other than that it's really good

Congratulations on making frontpage!

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try doing certain things in different orders or doing a certain thing more than once. There aren't really alternative solutions per se but certain details get altered. I believe i have gotten every available variation in storyline that i can manage so if you are really stuck feel free to ask!

NP :) you can also find out the girls names but I'll leave it to you to find out how


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they CAN?????/ :O this is the best thing since sliced bread

also did the survey

yep i got that one, is there any other backround info other than the instructions? like what are the cities? why is this place abandoned?

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Correct but there are multiple ways/things to do to get to the single ending.

one at the moment but it's the demo. however all your actions change a part of how this ending happens.
theres always another way

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if you hold grab while in the air you can hover and get out of bounds

im kinda confused? i mean i got an ending? pressed all the doodads and then folllowed those pylon thingos and whent up to a pillar????? idk seems sketch...

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Spoiler alert


god this suspence is killing me

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(not the dev)

heyo i saw your video i really liked it.

Li'l secret here from my play through

if you found the book before the key the chalkboard (with the message from the demon ghosts) would have shown a smiley face :)

There's always another way 

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Oh god... That was amazing not traumatic  this is pretty much my first ever RPG and i have to say i am IMPRESSED. I would handsdown pay for a full version. the story is amazing and i love how your actions affect game play. Art is amazing. 10/10

Edit: please make the globes in the other rooms spin as well please!

lol i finished it i have to say the real ending was unexpected XD srsly though consider the tube ;)

i don't even need to finish to guess that at the end you just fall down the tube that was at the start

Omg i finished it, this was such a well made game and looks beautiful thank god for the shop

also how do i open a .RAR file?

may i ask what is the "Horror" aspect? i dislike horror and would like to know in advance


Haha Nice thx for the banner this game is pretty neat. a card game would be pretty cool as well 

okay so say i like the flytrap could you whip up something for it?

sorry if i missed an important part of anything but what exactly is a banner, how do i go about creating one?

Plants i guess


Idk why