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Sorry, missed your comment!

Thanks! There's some detective work going on the Il-2 Dials discord, this could be very helpful indeed :

Sounds great!

Hey sorry, just noticed the reply. I have a decent start on creating interiors for this but haven't worked on it in a while. Hopefully after I finish my current side project I will have more time for procgen, I miss it! 
And yes, Voronoi is awesome, but sometimes tough to get it to do what you want. Regarding colour harmonies, I was pleased with how quickly I could pull that system together, the cities wouldn't be anywhere near as nice to look at without it. 
Thanks for the comment

You're relentless, amazing!


Love it, amazing job :D

Cute, I like digging to the bottom :)

Thank you, there are many randomised variables governing things such as sway, stride length, spine twist, booty, even perk! 

The way they plop down is great :)

Thanks! Getting those animations working in any way was tough so I appreciate that :)

Hey that's great ;)

Looks lovely

There is one in the guts of the code actually! If you _really_ want I can add it in for you :D

I made this with Blender and a ray tracing renderer,.

Amazing! So glad to hear I created some Zen :D

Very nice. Love the water animation, so simple but great.

Ha yeah totally. Unity likes to stockpile memory when creating new materials. Thanks for the heads up, I should definitely clear up those materials! 

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Thanks! And yeah, the curve definitely needs 'refined'. I'll be adding to this in the coming weeks

nice :D

Love it, super cool!