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A member registered Aug 07, 2017

Recent community posts i'm praying to the industry gods that this timer is the actual time left for us to play the update #hype 


Still in love with this game, and so are my cats! Imgur (image upload gives 404 error)

Nice,  i just hope those lakes are on the same 'level' then ;)

Awesome game, played for 2 full nights and now i'm paying the price for that at work ;)
Played on a medium sized (as flat as possible) map. Got my budget flow to +1.000.000  but  got to the point i was not able to get any more water or sand.  How much i wished for landscaping haha, almost got to the point of buying water in every town and move it with trains xD 

Can't wait to see the next update! keep up the good work.