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I hope you are not too disappointed...

Hey, thx for playing!!! However did you find my game... ? LOL!


Yeah, kinda... Thanks for playing!

Alright, if you don't know how, I for sure don't... So let's see what happens, anyway! ;)

I'll just make a special birthday edition of one of my older games if that is okay...

Maybe you should make this jam more visible somehow, people might want to join last minute like me...! ;)

Thing didn't go as planned, I found the game to be too hard to make... so I didn't... Sorry about that, maybe next time! ;(

Yeah I guess so... And I also think I found the way to submit a game to the jam ...! ;)

Thanks for replying, anyway!

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I made this account to join this jam, it will be a pixel style horror story heavy on ramdomly generated content in order to give it at least some replay value... Kinda like this : "My other game..." , but much better, of course, with more story, and pixels, and less walking around ...! ;)

PS : Some things said here may or may not be true... I don't know...!

EDIT : By the way, how do I add my game to the jam, should it ever be finished? I missed that part, sorry if it's obvious and I still missed it...