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LMAO :'))

Such a wonderful ideea, and the implementation is great! The extra effort in music is noted, and appreciated.

Such a cute experiment! Keep up the good work!

Dude, it doesen't work...

Really cool ideea!

It's qute. The edge of the map is also interesting.also...winter walk? where's the snow then. Anyway cool stuff.

Damn, your ideea is great! and the name is sooo cool!!!

This was actually a nice walk. I totally love the grass, you should build it up!

Simply put, I cried. This is such a lovely experience...

This game is amazing, such a good concept and great mechanics, so sad they don't develop it anymore, they should kickstart this!

Really cute , I actually laughed at the vengaboys part.

Really interesting!

Fun game, a bit too harsh at times.

Amazing atmosphere!

It's cute.

Really cute concept, this could turn into a really cool game!

Such a gem! I love the mystery of the game.

Wow, such an amazing little adventure, absolutely loved it! You guys did a great job! I suggest improveing the controls for keyboard and getting it on steam!

It's amazing, but it needs some fixes. Like collision on some hills, a save feature, control improvements.