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Amazing job on the graphics and music! WebGL build is a bit slow on my computer but that's understandable. I do feel that the theme is a bit far-fetched with this one, though. Good game anyways!

I confess 90% of the reason I clicked on this game to try it out is the pun :p Was not disappointed! I like crossy-road style and the art direction is very consistent and pleasant! Also very fun! Good job!

Love the ambience you created! The characters fit very well with the minimalistic nature, and the music blends well! Only thing I felt was missing is some sort of visual progression system (simplest would be a level counter, or you could go crazy and have a "world map"). Great job!

Thank you so much for the feedback! And thank you so much for going it through to the end! :D

Also, that's a very fair point about the camera angles! At the end of the jam, during play testing, we had similar concerns. Unfortunately, increasing the view distance was destroying the game's performance, as we didn't really have time for much optimization. Sorry for that!

Ohh and if you liked the soundtrack, all of the tracks are available here:

Thank you for the feedback! :)

Wow thank you! It makes us really happy that you felt that way!

About the walking issue: yes, we completely agree that it might be frustrating. The worst part is that it could be easy to fix, if we spotted it earlier! Hahah

We're considering improving the game and releasing it as a full game. If we do, we'll definitely have your feedback in mind!

Hahah glad you liked it! Our animator, Camila Canani, also was pretty happy with the tail shaking animation!

Thank you very much! :3

Thank You! :3

Yes, makes sense; but I am worried about the fact that AssetForge contains a few ready-made sections.

Hey, guys!

Is Asset Forge allowed? ( It's a software for creating 3D assets from some presets - like Lego for 3D.