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> Ascetic

I appreciate this one as a full build. :) We're making some tweaks on the Steam demo to make it powerful but not ridiculous. I kinda don't like just nerfing things, though. It should explode into a million tiny bones or something.

@SpaceCapsuleGames you and I are both going to do a stream. We're just going to be eating spicy salsa and doing the stream. For Xiasmus. Xiasmus salsa. Trust me.

Mister Cark would do that. He did that! That's awesome.


Thanks, Beolach! I'm pinging Jon about these.

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Awesome! I wonder if we could retain the fun of save scumming without forcing folks to actually save scum somehow. New mechanics time!

Makes sense, thank you! We have a spec for Steam Early Access which I'll have to figure out how to post—but I now realize that I left out purchasing as a concept.

On combos, I'm thinking one or more of these:

- Reroll, as you say.

- What if you could see ahead 3 piece picks == planning.

- 6 choices per pick would allow players more chances to get a militia that synergized.

- Something about more monkeys.

More to come; thank you!

Yeah, I'm finding the same thing. We're thinking of a few solutions: adding more synergies for each piece; allowing you to look ahead to plan; offering more pieces per choice. Thanks!

I think this is my biggest problem too. There are just too many dead-ends. I'm thinking a few simple ways to fix this would include the ability to "see ahead" to what pieces you'll get in the future (allowing you to devise a strategy) or giving you 6 choices instead of 3.

I'm curious if you've found any other good combos since then.

Let me see if Jon can put together a .zip.

Holy cow. :)

I'd like to hear more about this frustration! Maybe the good piece combos just aren't coming? What would make your strategy workable?

I love that combo!

Heck yeah!

Oh boy. I'm sorry that I didn't see this. You bet: Knock on the door and ask for Gerald. Go downstairs and ask again for Gerald. Talk to the cat. Then turn right.

I'm on it! Letting Jon know that it may be busted.

Yes! We will fix that. I want to say that it's intentional, but that would be a lie.

It's 21 minutes now!

Yup—20 minutes. But now that you mention it, I'll have to see what happens if I remove the clock.