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Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

Queue Tokyo Drift

So, looks like a bus & shopping kart destruction derby DLC is coming soon, eh?

Hospital, Police, Fire Station... Grocery Store? Yes, that's the progression I think

I... hmmm... my friend reeeeally needs that fire shader now.

This is literal heaven for the annoying puzzle connoisseurs

frozen lake!

Hah, do you guys think a sewer version would be a bit too real?

Oh no, where are my fishing rods?

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The animated water looks so good I want to throw one of those trafic lights in just to see what'd happen

So much room for garbage themed minigames!

Look at that guy, I wonder if he was the sniper on the roof making his escape

Garbage Truck Superstar Racing! Next super title from the developers of the Shopping Cart Nitro Racing series!

That's Garbage

And that ghost really is reaching the highest highs

That's fancy... and a glass roof? What do you think is going on inside? A cult? Or maybe some mutated flora gone rogue?

Hah, which one of those pilars has a hidden button?

Look at that! You beat a 57 stairs stair puzzle and you get to see that view!

Stair puzzles! I love how sadistic these updates are getting :D

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Now I... uhhh... my friend needs a "fire under pixel art glass" shader. Does anyone have that? ... asking for a friend.

Now a huge carnivorous plant

Do I see yet another minigame?

Niiiice, I need to find those chickens now

Can I ask where I can find a really nice pixel fire shader?... asking for a friend

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Who wants to do a wheelbarrow race down the hill? Let's use plant pots as helmets, what could go wrong?

Yep, guess we'll need to do some gardening and maintenance eventually

Amazing work as always! Enjoy the break, take as much time as necessary! We'll be here!

Hah, jumping puzzles, one of the best puzzles, only loses to underwater puzzles. Worst good times ever.

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Mark, his heart pounding, running for his life... his usual nightmare, he realized when he woke up. Night and again. And again. And he could never really remember. His aunt Zoe told him it was a curse, but she was always a bit crazy, he thought. 

Marriage coming up, the ceremony to happen in this beautiful, beautiful garden, angel statues, fountains and all... Yet he was very anxious. It was probably just the nightmares, he thought.

The day came and went, neither of them had any family or friends, just their twin souls and promises. Relief as he left the garden. There's no way he can avoid telling her about the nightmares now. It's time, he thought.

Mark was searching for the words, trying to build a sentence in his head, words failing to tie sentences. He was still locked in his mind when Sophie said: "I have nightmares". The overwhelming feeling of understanding. She understands me, he thought.

Falling asleep was hard. Holding hands so tightly was probably not helping either. As they drifted into a restless slumber, their intertwined fingers held tightly. The beautiful garden from his dreams was here now. The one he could never remember, with the sun almost set. As the night quickly fell, the fountains drained, marble cracked. Statues' eyes shining with an uncanny red glow. I should run, he thought.

That thought didn't last for long, as his hand was still being held. She was paralyzed. He can't just leave her. For the first time in his life, he didn't run, and there he stood guard, as fountains and statues' eyes started pouring blood. We'll live or die together, I'll protect her with my last breath, he thought.

As the sun rised in the garden, they woke up. They never had any more nightmares. In the end, he tried to protect her... but she was the one who saved him, he thought.

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We also need an evil dimension version of the fountain, clichè red liquid and all
A fountain of the worst drink ever, tomato juice :ewwwww-emoji:

We 100% need an evil dimension versionof these statues now

Congratulations on 200 mark! Much love!

If you're evil those statues on the top will smack you as you try to go through

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Now all I need are the attack and hurt/hit animations

Ok, so put a big boulder right there, and the player needs to push it around, and then it gets stuck and the player needs to exit and reenter the room. Yes. Yes.

Annoying Puzzles Summoned ME!

*Zaps in* Good, your antennas are finally working! It's me from the future, got no time to explain, you cannot, I mean CANNOT make the pixel version of *Zaps back into time and space* ...

Oh no cars, come on left leg

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Oh, more annoying puzzles, I see?
Stealth puzzles are the second best worst puzzles we can make.

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Sorry, can't talk now, gotta run as fast as my left leg will go

*Pops head out*
Are they gone? Ooops