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Take care of yourself, and be well.
Yes, this was a reference.

Feel the fear in my bones

Oh no... they're back...

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That reminds me of the firewood minigame in Breath of Fire 3, chapter 3. And that's how you know I'm old.

A fair pair of pairs of binoculars

Now I need some seagulls


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"Hey Johnson, what color do you want?"
"Doesn't matter"

*Buys all colors available*

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I know a magic mushroom when I see one... but I see two so I'm not so sure...

Dang, that dude is guarding the Camping entrance. I wonder what's inside. Do I need a flute or something?

Hah, that reminds me of running from the army in GTA: San Andreas. One quick paint job is all you need.

These gas prices are higher than my credit score

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Hah forget racing, put one of these in the middle of a bus & shopping kart destruction derby!

Wait, I'm pretty sure there's some sort of code here!
What is it? Morse? Wig Wag? Oh no! Not this hole again...

That's illegal!

It's all about perspective

Let the racing begin

My money is still on Planet Mart's shopping carts

Hah, now I want to have an Artistic Swimming competition with buses. And that is not even the third worst idea I ever had.

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This is Joe, your reporter on the go!

Cuteness Overload spots seem to be under control.

Mayor to come back from cruise, he says it was "very productive" while doing air quotes for legal reasons.

Colorful Bus spreading through the city, officials say this is also not a problem.

The entire "evacuation" debacle was just a misunderstanding, says scientist's lawyer after saving them from a probable death sentence.

This was Joe, your reporter on the go! Back to you Jim!

oh wow, 10% of a year already, this goes fast

I know a magic mushroom when I see one... but I see two, so I'm not sure

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For a quick second I thought we had a "normal" bus and a  "I just flattened my front on a wall" bus.

Colorful Bus, that's cute but kinda sounds like a durg

Croissants, I'm hungry now

Now I wish I had a subwoofer 3x my height
I'm 23 tall, by the way

This is Joe, your reporter on the go.

Scientists are on strike due to the arrest of their fellow scientist known to the public as the evacuating scientist.

Cuteness overload spots don't seem to be going anywhere Jim.

Cute people are saying that all's fine and there's nothing to worry about.

The mayor of the City of Algemia going on a year-long cruze, calls it a "strategic high impact networking event".

Toilet paper returns hits an all time high on the City of Algemia.

This was Joe, your reporter on the go, back to you Jim! 

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This is Joe, your reporter on the go!

Cuteness overload spots are being reported all over the City of Algemia. 

*These reports seem greatly exagerated!*, stated the mayor on a press conference, right before retreating to his mayoral bunker.

Mad scientist arrested for incessantly shouting "evacuation" on the streets with plenty of toilets available.

Toilet Paper sales hits an all time high in the City of Algemia!

This was Joe, your reporter on the go, back to you Jim!

Phew, almost had a cuteness reactor meltdown there!
Oh wait, is that a  children's lemonade stand?

We better start evacuating...

This is way too cute! High Alert, I repeat, High Cute Alert! 

This is getting even cuter, weird

That dinosaur is too good

This is too cute

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Imagine trying to sell a house with a ghost banging the gate shut every couple of seconds

This grey and grey tiling looks exquisite

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Dang, now I have to pretend the buses failed to arrive just so I don't have to program them moving around

These boots are made for walking and stepping all over you...r flowers and stuff

Now I can play catch with my dog!
Oh, I don't have a dog. Anyone has a spare dog?

gotta have them rich neighbors

Yes, now all I need is a broom and a giant tentacle monster

Who cares about <look up a 2022 racing game and put name here>?
Super PlanetMart Trolley Racing ... now THAT I'd play