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You have to hit the grass where they are before they jump out, using the sound to locate them

Super cute, love it :D

Really fun game, genuinely enjoyable to play!
What I really liked:
-The art style and all the effects looks great
-Its very fast paced and moves quickly through content
-There is a great selection of weapons, despite melee becoming fairly redundant in the second area due to the butterflies
-The skeleton boss is an actual challenge. Really good boss fight!

What could do with improving:
-You have probably thought of this but some kind of map with branching levels would make it far more interesting to explore the world
-The potions system is fairly confusing. A crafting menu for that would really help
-I cannot dress up as ne_mene in this game
-I felt no real need to use the dash for most of the game, only used it once or twice during skeleton boss. I would check out ScourgeBringer if you havent already and take notes from their dash, since when i played that I used it almost constantly.

Again really loved your game and cant wait for full release. Nice work!


Very nice effects

Reall tense and I love the explosions effects, although its a pretty simple concept its fairly well exacuted and I had fun playing :)

Really cute I love it :)

More is coming!

Thank you :D

More coming as well. Hoping to get even more mileage!

Thanks dude.

When the mac user ;-;

Here is some money :D

Very cool

The style is really cute. I love the calming aesthetic