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Super glad you liked it, and thanks for streaming! It's a lot of fun to watch these sorts of things :]

Glad you enjoyed it!! :] No such easter eggs unfortunately, but I'll keep it in mind if there's a longer game!
If you think you know how the softlock might be reproduced, please let me know!

oh lordy D: well I'm glad I got a little closer, thanks for all this testing!

Regarding being out of canvas in future games, letterboxing got put into the recent big release that should solve a lot of these problems with games going forward!

Found what might be a fix, would love to know if 3.1 works on your monitors if you have the chance to test it.

Oh how exciting! Well I'd love to hear what you think, any feedback could make it into an upcoming game.

Thanks for playing! My guess regarding Thicketon has to do with a screen space problem, that seems to happen more often on Mac builds (where the exit is offscreen and can't be clicked). I'm chatting with some Mac developers to see if I can sort out this and the executable bit, as well as see if I can get a build that functions on Linux. Thanks so much for your patience! Exporting to Mac has been a learning process for this jam game =[

Oh hey, glad you liked this one too! I had a lot of fun figuring out the gameplay format for this one, and am looking forward to watching your playthrough :)

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I'll see what I can do, though I wouldn't get my hope up to high for this game given how many macs it DOES  seem to work for since I cant test myself: do you get any sorts of errors or reports or anything?

Thanks so much! I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks again for playing =)

Thanks so much for the report! I've identified the problem and will have a patched version tonight.

New version features the intended text for the exit button. Sorry about the confusing, thanks for reporting!

Thanks a bunch Chase!! Hoping to do another adventure jam like this again sometime!

Thanks for playing! It was cool to see people's eyes immediately light up when the dice rolling clicked for y'all :D

Thanks a bunch! It was a delight to work on, glad you had fun with it!

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The game is not savable as is (this was outside the scope of the jam) exiting the game creates a save file because it calls a save and exit function, but the save file contains no data about the game.

Thanks for doing so much bug testing :P game would probably still be much more broken.

Thanks for playing!