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this is wonderful, unsettling, and a beautiful look. One or two puzzles i didn't understand but i figured them out without any stress.

On windows! I restarted and still no luck, though the controller can pull up the xbox menu

I have an xbox 360 controller, which is working on other games. When I load it only reads the keyboard / i see no way to adjust control from a menu. Is there something i can do to address it? Even touching the tutorial with WASD looked and sounded wonderful, i wanna play it with sticks.

used this as my fidget to get through a long rough phone call. It was so pleasing to watch and really fun to see the stranger building shapes. thank you.

I had a really tough phone call today and this was perfect for helping me through. Made me smile and let me look at interesting glitches and pictures without demanding more attention than I could give. The interface continually made me smile.