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Anthony Bonacci

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I tried lowering my date’s HP all the way and then realized I was supposed to “catch” her like in Pokemon lol. The whole battle thing is cute!

Found this from the Pixel World Discord server. Looks good so far and these first 5 levels are fun. They made me think, but they weren’t frustrating. Looking forward to more!

thanks haha

thank you!!

love the aesthetic :D

Understood haha, and thanks!  Quirky was the goal :)

The original idea was to win by wasting all of your bullets, but receive some sort of "okay" score if you only shot the "bad" guys.  We strayed from that and some miscommunication led to the ending message being what it is.  I can't fully answer your question on the logic behind it due to poor planning haha.  

Definitely going to participate in more trijams!  I think these will also help how I approach 48/72 hour game jams too

I hear you and I agree haha.  We went over the time limit and decided to leave the game be, knowing that it doesn't make any sense.  

I'm glad to hear that the music made it more disturbing!!! :D